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(JULY 27)


Second Tourny

[Invictus][Trainee] Kryptyc
11 points

SmilingBird was replaced by PKHAJURIA
NATHANG was replaced by GRC2Q3PG

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(JULY 26)




There's going to be a mob arena EVERY Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The times are still TBD but will be guaranteed one those days!

AND THE PVP TOURNAMENT IS TOMORROW AT 1:00 PM MST! Sorry for the late delay because I had originally posted this earlier but it was a bad time.

Sign up here!


(JULY 26)

Update on the situation described in the news post below:

The server will not close. There is no need for anyone to worry any more about our situation. We will find a way out of this, and under no circumstances will we shut down the server. Thank you, the community, for all of the support you gave us in getting past this issue.

~The CityWars Team



(JULY 24)

Citywars Minecraft never been in such trouble before this month.

Let's understand the current situation. We received yesterday a Paypal Chargeback. A paypal chargeback is a reclamation in most of the cases a stolen credit card. The problem with these chargeback is that paypal is allowed to retrieve our money from months and months of donations. That cause for us a lot of trouble in our finance due their ability to take back 180 day (6month) in the past.

Citywars has a strict budget between its income and expense. Everytime we start making more money we try our best to pay for more advertising who will bring back more money. This mean if someone retrieve all their donations from 6 months in the past that would cause a large budget problem.

We already had this kind of situation in the past and to be honest with you citywars came really near to close that day. If you remember the story with the player coke than you remember how much trouble we got that day.

This time the player in question is Staii6. That player consumed a lot of money and bought a lot of goods for other players. Probably this player was using a stolen credit card and the owner of this card contacted his bank to get back the money. Paypal politics force us to give back their money. We already try in the past to win an argument versus paypal and it result in more trouble. It's like arguing with Magib. You have no chance to win.

I made for you a little gif that will explain to you in detail what caused us so much trouble.

Theses numbers are fictive and understand the main situation is a lot more complicated.

In this example every green square represent a donation and a red square represent an expense. Every month citywars have a lot of expense and every week we receive many donations. In this gif you can see a timeline with our current situation. Like i told you the problem with a paypal chargeback is that the user is able to reach money who already have been donated months ago… This is what causes us a really big problem. Like in the gif you see that at one point the paypal chargeback happen even if we already used this money to pay our bills and advertising. Consequence citywars bank account fall in deficit.

The worst in this story is that we personally contacted Staii6 to confirm with him that it was not the case of a stolen credit card. And the worst of the worst is every claim cost us a 20$ fee. That mean for a small donation of 1.50 $ we have to refund 21.50$...

Here the discussion :
[16:41:39] [Server thread/INFO]: MrSquishy issued server command: /tell staii6 Do you have a minute?
[16:41:56] [Server thread/INFO]: Staii6 issued server command: /msg MrSquishy yes
[16:42:44] [Server thread/INFO]: MrSquishy issued server command: /cw setchannel staii6 .
[16:42:46] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: Staii6 : yes
[16:42:49] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: MrSquishy : Hey
[16:42:52] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: Staii6 : hey
[16:43:14] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: Staii6 : what do you need?
[16:43:23] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: MrSquishy : We've notice you getting a lot of donation perks lately. We definitely appreciate it, and I don't
[16:43:35] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: Staii6 : did i do anything wrong?
[16:43:37] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: MrSquishy : want you to take this the wrong way, but we just wanted to make sure you're allowed to spend
[16:43:40] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: MrSquishy : that kind of money.
[16:43:42] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: Staii6 : yes
[16:43:56] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: MrSquishy : Nothing wrong, no. But when someone spends a lot of money we like to reach out to them just to
[16:44:14] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: MrSquishy : check because we've had some incidents in the past where parents have asked for refunds
[16:44:32] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: Staii6 : no my parents are cool with it
[16:44:44] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: Staii6 : i can't buy anything without them
[16:44:47] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: MrSquishy : Ok, great that's all we need to hear. Thanks for supporting the server :)
[16:44:50] [Async Chat Thread - #3/INFO]: Staii6 : np

Next time you get a stolen credit card. Please guys don't spend it on citywars.
The owner of the bank alway reclaim all is money lost.
You will get in deep shit with your parents and the bank
This will not help your favorite server but only cause a LOT of trouble.

Don't be a douchebag and don't use them on citywars… because right now if we don't find a solution to our problem i have no clue what will happen with the server. We do our best to minimize the damage but i can't certify we will succeed to get out of this shit. What that kid did is really catastrophic for us….

Citywars Minecraft is a hobby for us. Its not a multi millionaire business who make us rich. Citywars never cost us any penny because it's well administered. Its donation cover its expense. (Server / advertising) but this server never gave me the ability to pay my bills or my food.

Citywars risk to close, this why i ask the community to help us to find a solution to our problem. Our bank account is in deficit. This mean we have one month to find a solution to pay what we have to pay without this we risk to close the server...


Happy Birthday!
(JULY 24)

Happy birthday to thedalphino! Don't eat too much cake! You get enough of it at Ospawn already...


(JULY 22)


Happy Birthday to Mikester and Grc2q3pg ! Hope you guys have a great birthday!


Citywars is looking for more news editors! Quidward has completely disappeared. Contact Kryptyc for more details!


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