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Hello everyone ! I am very happy everyone look to enjoy Citywars Chaos. We are currently looking to maybe develop another server event soon. Still unsure what we will do but one thing its sure its give us back the nostalgic to develop more small event like this one.

Here few statistic for you guys !
I think you will be interested to know a little bit what choice everyone else did for this event.

If you want more information about these statistic here the url of my document.








Citywars Chaos is a special event for october.

This server have been developed with Citywars Lite. Its a test server of Cwl and we made this server only for fun propose. The goal of Citywars chaos is creating a smaller and hardcore version of Citywars.

Here few rule of Citywars Chaos :There is no way to get protected land. Grief, Steal and mass pvp are allowed. You only have only one life. If you die you are perma banned. When you start the game you have to select your Race / Job / Elemental and you can’t change them in the futur.

Here the difference between all race / job / elemental.


You can select one race. Each race give you different physical ability. Choose wisely because you can only choose one time your race.

Demon: No lava or fire damage
Elven : No falling damage
Orc : Pvp bonus with axe
Undead: No damage caused by poison or starvation
Vampire: Regain life and hunger during pvp.


Jobs are made to help you to gain better resrouce. Example if you are miner and you mine you had a percentage of chance it drop diamond when you mine stone. List of item randomly drop : Coal, Melon, Leather, Iron, Gold, Diamond

Farmer: Drop resource when harvesting.
Shepherd: Drop resource when shearing animal.
Hunter: Drop resource when fighting Zombie/Skeleton/Pig_Zombie/Spider
Miner: Drop resource when mining stone.
Lumberjack: Drop resource when cutting log.


Elemental are made to give you a pvp bonus when pvping. If you selected the fire elemental you will gain a small bonus pvp versus player who have select grass elemental but player who have selected water will gain a pvp bonus versus you. There is no better elemental. All of them are good.

Fire: +0.2 Grass / -0.2 Water
Grass: +0.2 Water / -0.2 Fire
Water: +0.2 Fire / -0.2 Grass

Citywars chaos will be open this friday (17 otocber) if everything is finished at time.

Talk to your friend about this event. The more people who will play this special event the more fun we will get!


The CW Tribune
17th Edition(OCTOBER 8)

In recent news, Admin Z has stolen the printer used to produce the Cw Tribune posts… So this will be my first tribune >:).


Raj Wilianiqua, the leader of the CW terrorist organization EVoS , had bombed Ospawn with hidden C4 bombs two weeks ago. Unsure if this was his doing or not, he was put on trial in the Azure court house, being charged guilty. This trial, also called the Death Trial, as Mr. Wili was on trial for his life. Pure, the lawyer for Mr. Wili, ultimately lost the trial. We shall tease him for an eternity. A big thank you to Artistbma for being the judge, as well as all jury members, the prompter, and the players representing Citywars, who were against Mr. Wili.

It is confirmed today that Mr. Wili, who was in prison until further decisions from the judge were made, had broken out, kidnapped pkhajuria, and publicly executed him at Ospawn. Afterward, he teleported himself with stolen Finity equipment to a hidden airship and escaped the premises. Finity has no info on his current whereabouts, so a warning was sent out from Ospawn, telling all citizens to keep an eye on their cities, and make sure suspicious characters are reported directly to Ospawn. I, Admin Z, personally hope Mr. Wili succeeds, so I can continue my plans for the world.

Citywars Lite:

The staff are currently working on Citywars Lite still, though the Mojang and Microsoft issues are slowing them down. With Minecraft version 1.8, Citywars won’t be able to upgrade until an api is released for 1.8. Luckily, you can connect to 1.7.9 servers with Minecraft version 1.8 in use, so there just won’t be new features on that server.

City Of The Week:

The city this week is Fear. I chose this city to instill fear into my enemies! Like the name, I take away all hope, and leave emptiness in the hearts of the innocent. I will show this sorry world my plans and… Um... sorry, I started typing my thoughts… Anyway, Fear, owned by Cw_Bossman, looks nice on the inside, and has been recruiting a large number of citizens. I can’t wait to see what this city becomes!

The Build Of The Week:

The build of the week is the Fallen spawn, made by 4eyesjj and austinc3. Ask them to check it out sometime. Its a nice looking building, reminding me of the dark days where my goal was almost reached.


Wonderwaffe’s birthday was today! Lets all hug him and wish him a happy birthday! It may seem out of place for me, Admin Z, to want to hug people, but I just love wonder that much!

Well, thanks for applying your minds to my tribune, I would love to elaborate on my evil schemes, but unfortunately, Artist may have found out I took his printing machine. Gahh!!! If only there was more time!

-Admin z


The CW Tribune
16th Edition

The CW Tribune
16th Edition

This is the 4th Artist Tribune! I wanted to start off by saying sorry, because we haven’t had a tribune in three weeks. This was mostly because there hasn’t been much news to cover. On the bright side, there’s a tribune now! So buckle up, some big stuff this week.

Staff Changes

On another note, MrsCJ and Kakisto have been promoted to Moderators! They’ve both done a great job as TMods and we look forward to more great things from them!

Element00 has been demoted from the staff team. The admins decided that he wasn’t pulling his weight as a Moderator.

Important Info

Remember to check the news post below this one titled “???” for information about where the server plans to go and how we’ve been working towards that.

City of the Week

This week’s city is Falthia, owned by Ceres13. It’s a nice little city, very cozy, and a wonderful place to just slow things down for a bit. Ask Ceres to check it out ingame; you won’t be disappointed!

Build of the Week

This week’s build is the Esdraelon Hotel. Built and ran by kamanite4, it contains many rooms, lots of benches, and even a billiards table! I’d tell you to talk to kamanite to purchase a room, but they’ve all been rented out by TehLuke! Be sure to check out the build ingame, though.

Birthdays and Other Events

My birthday was this past Saturday, the 13th!

And that concludes the 16th Edition of the CW Tribune. See ya next time.




Hello Citywars!

I know you guys had no clue about what is going on and are angry at us owner… I just want to take the time to write this news to explain what is going and i will try to explain the current situation.

Currently there is a war between mojang and bukkit…

More information here ->

I dont want to explain all the situation between bukkit and mojang… if you are interested make your own search. i will try to explain the current situation of citywars.

Lets talk about me(Darkirby3) and Linkupdated. We have recently take a new apartment. I work with Link at is job. we create website. Link is teaching me how to become a good php programer and i do my best to complete my job. That why you see us less online. We got a lot of work to do and we prefer to spend time on our real work to paid the bill at the end of the month than spending time on Minecraft.

What we do with our free time. In the past i was playing a lot Citywars. I really enjoyed playing it and i loved doing stuff on it. With the time i get sick of a lot of thing…

Mojang freaking shity update..
Everytime mojang made a update they fuck top all our work done on the plugin… To fix this its a lot of work for us and at the final mojang did not add a lot of content for the job they give us.

Annoying old member
There is a lot of kids who quit cw and come back after and cry how life had changed and at the final they are just on to do drama and piss off the most people they can for the lol… consequence of this.. the less we connect the less of these player we see…

Citywars lag
Citywars is almost 4-5 year old… Now image a old plugin that every time mojang updated we patched stuff on already patched code… Result you get a super huge piece of code that is old… and impossible to fix and laggy as hell.

There so much broken stuff on citywars that every time we want to add a new suggestion its take hours and hours of work to fix what was broken or was quickly fixed by the previous mojang update… That why we don't do anymore new suggestion and that why we lost any interest to work on citywars.

Making advertising for your server these day cost so much… -_- Its impossible for us to get more newcomer. Consequence the community become smaller and smaller everyday. Its normal that people quit after a time. People get bored after a time but its not normal the price we have to paid to get newcomer.

There is a lot of people who just want to see server owner like us closing their door. They use ddos to force server to close us (In result we have to paid ddos protection that cost a lot) or in few previous case other server paid hacker to attack us to close our server… We do citywars for fun… I dont want to deal with competition… I am not here to take your part of the pie. We do this only because we love the community and enjoy minecraft.

In result of all this… We lost interest in Citywars/Minecraft sadly. That why the community is sad at us because we do not do any suggestion anymore. This is why the staff is mad at us because we do not inform them properly… This is why people quit because they found the server boring without new content, This is why we are less patient with player who cause trouble and this is why you see us less online…

Imagine even the developer of bukkit lost interest in their own project because mojang attitude. We are not paid to work on minecraft like mojang or bukkit. If we put time on citywars its becausewe love developing thing for the community. The last few month have being pain to work on citywars.

This is not the end… Like you maybe know we started to work on CitywarsLite.

But first what is CitywarsLite?

Citywars Lite like is name tell it its a small version of citywars. Freshly rebuilt and completely new. This was supposed to be a new server. A complete new restart for citywars. No more old code and no more lag from previous old version of mc. The concept of this new server was to give the ability to the community to build and update their own server.

In this citywars you had access to codding yourself citywars. With this new server the community is able to create new race by their own. Create new class, Anything you guys have to suggest is possible. We worked really hard to make a new language that give you guys the developement by your own.

This new project regive the flame to me and Link to work on Citywars. This project had so much potential. Even if me and link had to time to administer it you guys can code your own content and add it to citywars. This server will be constantly getting new content. Everyday you will connect somebody will maybe adding a new race. Imagine the posibility. If you guys want to fix something on the server somebody can do it quickly whitout having to wait for us.

What is happening with this awesome project ?
Currently CitywarsLite is a plugin build on bukkit. The wars between mojang and bukkit had forced everyone using bukkit to stop using it… Consequence CitywarsLite is on standby. Mojang look that he doesn't care about the problem. Mojang alway acted like they need nobody to survive but in fact without bukkit minecraft probably never become so big… Most of the minecraft community play on multiplayer server who run on bukkit.

I dont want to scare anybody. I just try to inform you guys about what is going on. I know how you want thing change and i know you want more. People get sick of citywars and i totally understand that. I dont want to make promise that i can’t respect like i did in the past because i don't wanted to upset the community. Like i said you guys deserve a lot more ! At the moment the best i can do is inform you on the website of the current condition. If there is new development i will keep you informed.

I will check with Linkupdated if we cannot release a small demo(incomplet) of citywars lite to give you the ability to test it and check if you enjoy the concept. Right now nothing is sure about the future of bukkit and nothing is sure about the future of Citywars Lite.


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