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The CW Tribune
14th Edition

The CW Tribune
14th Edition

Artist Tribune Number Dos!


Attack of the Slimes! A few days ago, the Slimeception Event began. Slimes have taken over Finity and are infecting the CityWars population! If an infected player kills another player, a slime will appear! These slimes can be killed for Slime Souls, special renamed slime balls. It is unknown exactly what the Slime Souls are for, but it has been proven that they are very valuable, and should be saved. Also, whenever an infected player talks in /me, their text will be blue! To become infected yourself, visit .

Staff Changes

PCH333, a great friend and helper to many of us, has resigned from his position as Super Moderator. This is upsetting news, yes, but it’s what he felt he needed to do. Good luck on your future endeavors, PCH.

CityWars Lite

Citywars Lite, the shortened code that makes it easy for everyone to contribute to the server, is looking quite good, so far! Recently, the syntax for all CW Lite functions has been posted on the wiki. This means that players can now start making their own plugins using the system! If you do plan to make a plugin (or even if you just have an idea for one), please fill out the CW Lite Plugin Request form at the link below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask magib1. Any plugins players write can be sent to him via skype at magib1cornell.

Link to Wiki Page:

Link to Plugin Request Form:

The Kitten Games

This past Saturday, bobcattennis hosted the first ever Kitten Games! The event consisted of two Labyrinths and three Bow Jousts. Everyone had a great time! Congrats to the winners of the games, and a big thanks to all who helped out with the running of the event!

Lots of $$$

It’s been two weeks since the last tribune, so be sure to post on the CityWars Minecraft Forum Thread and tell a staffmember to get 25,000$! Remember, you can only get money from posting once every two weeks.


City of the Week

This week’s city is Telmar. A reincarnation of the original Telmar from a few maps back, this Elven-oriented city is fairly active and looking for new citizens! Talk to staii7 to join!

Build of the Week

The Build of the Week this week is bobcattennis’s Lair. Built by bobcattennis himself, it contains a Bar and a Geothermal Powerplant.

”Everything a mancave needs! :)” -bobcattennis

Ask bobcat to check it out ingame!

That’s all for the 14th Edition of the CW Tribune! Until next time.




The Kitten Games events today resulted in a handful of winners, some for each of the events! Below are the people who won each event. May we give them a moment of silence...

If you participated in the Labyrinth event, if one of your team members survived, your entire team won.
In the first Labyrinth, mothaflocka and toon where both able to survive and kill their enemies, earning the Blue Team the win.

In the second Labyrinth, bmcs777 died early defending his team, but Brannon_XD and TBRANIK where able to survive, giving the win to the Red Team.

The next events where the Bow Jousts. To win, you needed to be the last player standing in the area. (If you fell, or died, you lost).

Mothaflocka was able to win two of the Bow Joust games, while bmcs777 was able to win one.

Congrats to the winners of all the events, all of which have been rewarded with some sexy prizes.

A big thank to everyone who participated in the Kitten Games, and a special thanks to slayer and creepdoom for donating supplies, building, and thinking of ideas for the event! Also, a big thanks to bobcattennis for thinking and running the event.

-The Citywars team


The Kitten Games Today!

The Kitten Games, is today at 7 pm EST.

The event will consist of two events;

The Labyrinth - A huge maze in which 8 teams will be exploring to try and eliminate each other, as well as find cool prizes hidden throughout the maze.

The Bow Joust - Try and shoot your opponents off the arena, or take a risk and run for the punch II bow in the middle of the arena.

Enjoy the event later today, and good luck to all!

-The Citywars team




Infected Slimes are currently attacking citywars! Be careful - they are highly contagious…

To join the event, create your own Slimeception Skin at

Read the current story line:

When using this skin, every time you kill somebody they will spawn little slime. When these slimes are killed they can drop rare items. All rare items will be exchangeable at the end of the event more money (and more)!

When using a Slimeception skin, your /me will be blue


The Kitten Games

On Saturday, August 16th at 7 pm EST get ready to whip out your bows, or charge into the Labyrinth with your allies at your side.

The event will consist of 2 separate mini-games, with prizes for the winners of each.

The first event will be the Labyrinth (idea and construction by creepdoom, Slayer1674, and myself), where everyone will be divided into 8 teams, with the goal of eliminating other teams. If you are lucky enough you may find some extra items along the maze to improve your chances of destroying the competition.

After the Labyrinth, everyone will head down below to compete in a giant game of Bow Joust. Try shoot your enemies off, and if you are daring enough try to reach the center for the punch bow. The last one remaining on the platforms wins.

Can’t wait to see you there!



The CW Tribune
13th Edition

The CW Tribune
13th Edition

Hi, this is the first Artist Tribune! Sit back and enjoy the show…

Staff Changes

Our great Moderator and friend, JPBOT, has resigned. He’s too busy to keep up with Citywars, and has decided that he shouldn’t remain in the staff because of that. We of the staff team are very sad to see him go, as most of you will likely be. Peace, JP.

/$ Top

stroyclim has stayed at the top of /$ top for quite some time now, with magib1 close at his heels. bluehawk1216 holds third place, with the inactive hassassin96 right behind him. In the fifth place of /$ top is Krigare17, who is a newcomer to the list.

CityWars Lite

CityWars Lite is the shortened version of the code that allows everyone to help program for the server introduced in last week’s Tribune. Great amounts of progress have been made on it, and we hope to open it to the public soon!

And now a few words from bobcattennis…

Off to the Races

bobcattennis is hosting a build competition! He needs some new tracks for his pig races, and he is hiring you, the people of Citywars to help. The top track builder will receive 150k, while the 2nd and 3rd will receive 75k each. All 3 winners will have their tracks incorporated into a pig race at some point in the new few months.

-12 person starting gate
-1 to 2 minutes long when you sprint the track
-3 high ceilings
-Pretty much anything else goes, hidden passages, split paths, drop offs, etc.

All submissions are due by Sunday, August 24th. When you are done, let bobcat know here:

Good luck, and build well!

Quick Money!

Remember, /fbump was added just a few weeks ago, and players are enjoying it quite a bit! All you have to do is go to the Citywars Minecraft thread on the Minecraft Forums, post your ingame name, and contact a staff member, who will give you 25,000$! Keep in mind, this can only be done once every two weeks if you want to get money for posting.


City of the Week!

This week’s city is Seattle! Coming onto the scene with a strong military, Seattle is going for a modern look, with streets and buildings like you might see in the actual city of Seattle!

Build of the Week

This week’s build is the Excavus city spawn. It’s an impressive multiple-tiered structure. Be sure to ask zuluking18, the current owner of Excavus, to see it ingame!


Many people did the crossword pure7777 made last week, but (despite there being a possible second place), only one person got every answer correct. That person was… … … … … deathornothing! He wins the Grand Prize of 100,000$ for last week’s Crossword. Maybe we’ll have another activity for you all to try in next week’s Tribune.

That’s it for this Tribune. Until next time.



Citywars Tribune
(12th Edition)

Welcome everybody, to the 12th edition of the Citywars Tribune!

I apologize for not having a tribune for a while, there should be one every monday from today on out, like the previous tribune schedule.

Staff Changes
This week, our very own Artistbma was promoted from TMod to Moderator. Lets thank him for his work, and congratulate him on his promotion!

Besides this, every Moderator now has Validation permissions. Vals should be getting done a bit quicker now, so cities can expand at a faster rate than before!

/fbump was added a few weeks ago, and has been paying off since then. If you missed the forum post, Fbump allows you to comment something good and positive on the CW Minecraft Forums Thread every two weeks, and get payed $25,000 for it! After commenting, you can ask any staff, Mod and higher to give you the money. Help yourself, by helping the server! Link:

Citywars Lite
Citywars Lite is partially done. This is a shortened version of the code, that allows everyone to program for Citywars. Currently, enough parts of Citywars Lite are done to start minor work on pluggins, classes, races, or whatever you want! When you finish programming your idea, please send it in to pure7777, DaLordofAwesome1, or magib1. If it works, and is approved, it could be added to Citywars. When Citywars Lite is finished, they’re will be a full news post explaining it, instead of a tiny segment in the Tribune. Finally, there is a small tutorial (better one will be written when Citywars Lite is finished), on the Wiki! Link:

Wiki Upgrade
The Citywars Wiki has had a major information upgrade. All class pages are now up-to-date, and information for the Overworld, Eternal, Hellsground, Toxic Bite, and Atlas in the Worlds Tab is complete. Finally, the commands in the Commands tab where upgraded slightly.

The Fishy Games
The Fishy Games Colleseum built by bluehawk and J_A_C_K was finished two weeks ago, and hosted a Team PvP event on July 10th. Although the event started out a little slow, it turned out well, and was lots of fun! We will be running more PvP events, and other events in the future, so be ready!

City Of The Week The city of the week is Rome! Although this isn’t the Rome that Dragriver owned, it is still a great city. Owned by austinc3, Rome has been adding new citizens, getting them a spot to build, teaching them and helping them with any questions they have, etc. Rome is a great starter city for new players, and has been working on helping all of their citizens, and get them started off. For this reason, it is the City of the week!

Build Of The Week
The build of the week is the Esdraelon Chaple, made by Wishugoodnight!

This weeks activity is a Citywars Crossword Puzzle! The first person to finish it correctly and send pure7777 a screenshot (over skype, or pm on the fourms), gets $100,000. The Second Person to finish it correctly and send in a picture or screenshot of the crossword gets $50,000. You may not use alts, and please don’t show others the crossword once you’ve finished yours. Thanks, and have fun! :D


Birthdays Of The Week
The most important thing, out of every bit of information stated this tribune, is that it was bobcattennis’s birthday this week! Happy birthday bob!

Well, this was the first pure tribune, so thanks for not setting it in flames and throwing it at me, I appreciate it!



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