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What's up community? Welcome to Citywars Weekly! Everyone make sure you are all sitting down with a nice bucket of popcorn, because we are taking you on the CW Weekly experience!

Similar to last week, not a whole lot of Development updates, however you can expect BIG changes within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

City of the Week
The City of the Week this week is Paradox! This beautiful city is maintained by Venentra, who is currently under the alias of city500. It has more of a medieval/nordic feel to it and although Paradox is in a all out war vs. Sanctuary, they haven't stopped making their beautiful builds! If you want to check it out for yourself, message one of it's many citizens!

The Outside of Paradox's Spawn!

The Inside of Paradox's Spawn!

Paradox's Armory!

The Spawn In One of Paradox's Plot Districts!

Paradox is currently recruiting! So if you are interested in joining a military oriented beautifully built city then look no further; message a Paradox leader in-game for the opportunity to join!

Build of the Week
The Build of the Week this week is Pineapple's spawn! Built by Not_Ruby_Rose, this spawn is a beautiful work of craftsmanship. In regards to the city, Not_Ruby_Rose states that Pineapple is currently a peaceful city, and hopes that it will remain so through growth. We may be seeing more of this Pineapple in the near future!

Player of the Week
Citywars's honorary Player of the Week this week is Nathang120! Nathang120 started Citywars approximately 5 months ago, already scoring himself a spot as a moderator, and hopefully a SMod pretty soon!

Nathang120's best experience on Citywars is his time in the city of Sanctuary, a dream that he is still living! Inside Sanctuary, Nathag120 has worked his way up to the rank of Minister. If you ever need help and/or a city to join, Nathang120 is your man!
"Life is a game, it's meant for everyone." -Nathang120

This new section allows for you to get heard! for a measly 10k you will be able to advertise anything, from your beautiful city to your successful business! Just message Yelmar or kumanozo ingame!

CWGAG Post of the Week
This week's CWGAG Post of the Week is by Mikester97, and it shows TheLlama in a llama's true form.


[Guest] Mikester97
11 points

Here is a video made by your Citywars News Team! It is a knockoff of Fallout 4's "The Wanderer" trailer, tell us how we did in the comments!

The newest video this week is by our hero Darkirby3. Here he showcases Pocket Horse 2.0. This Pocket Horse update uses it's own crafting recipe for pokeballs, using a new crafting bench!? Check it out

Mikester97's birthday is today, November the 21st, so be sure to wish him a very happy birthday! adri11ana11's birthday is November the 24th, make sure to wish her a happy birthday as-well!
If you have a birthday coming up, message Yelmar or kumanozo ingame!

Here is a small image that we created portraying all the the current Citywars staff members all together near a crashed ship! Wonder who was captain...

-Citywars News Team


Player Shops

Attention Citywars: Player shops are here in Ospawn! For those of you who don't know player shops are a way you can sell your items without being on. They can be located by going to the /ospawn and going left to the group of portals and going through the second to last portal. If you wish to rent a player shop private-message Hannakinz ingame as she is in charge of them. Also player shops aren't free, they cost 5k a week for one stall and can hold up to 4 items.
-Citywars News Team



Hey guys! Welcome to Citywars Weekly! This issue will have a lot of brand new categories, so tell us if you enjoy any of the changes. On with the news!

There are no big development updates this week, but what we do have is updates within the community!

The Sanctuary Presidential elections took place recently! rrrwasd and CAHiredGun duked it out. After an intense campaign, rrrwasd came out on top! Make sure to congratulate the new President of Sanctuary, rrrwasd!
Also, a server-wide war is starting to surface, between Paradox and Sanctuary and their respective allies.

City of the Week
The City of the Week this week is Venice. Venice hopes to one day be the biggest and most powerful city on Citywars!

Venice's Very Humble Spawnpoint

Inside their spawn

The Venice Storage Facility!

One of Venice's Greatest Assets, Their Town Hall!

Currently Venice is recruiting. If you are interested message one of their leaders ingame!

Build of the Week
This week's Build of the Week is a pair of awesome ships at KaerMorhen.

These magnificent boats were built long ago by Kryptyc for Invictus. They were recently re-validated by smilingbird for KaerMorhen. If you want to go see the ships and take 'em for a spin, contact smilingbird ingame!

Player of the Week
This week's Player of the Week is CAHiredGun! CAHiredGun has dedicated his time on CityWars to maintaining the prosperity and legacy of great Sanctuary. After a successful presidency and an unfortunate loss in the most recent presidential campaign, he is currently a Minister of Sanctuary. With a lot to look forward to, CAHiredGun is preparing for the next presidential election.

CAHiredGun began his Citywars journey as a new player nearly 8 months ago, and since then he has steadily climbed the Sanctuary chain of command! When asked for advice on holding such high positions, he mentioned that you always should maintain senses of honesty and confidence. If you see CAHiredGun ingame, give him a cross-world high five and congratulate him for his many accomplishments in Citywars! Message either CAHiredGun or one of Sanctuarys other leaders if you are interested in joining Sanctuary. Maybe you will become Citywars next great asset!

CWGAG Post of the Week
The CWGAG Post of the Week this week is another message from Darkirby3's book of wise words.
Don't forget kids

[Valyria][Fisherman] Darkirby3
25 points

In the new Media tab we will be showing videos from YouTube about CityWars. If you ever wish to be featured here, start making videos about CityWars and contact a Reporter ingame!

This video is a comedy short by Daritto. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section of his video!

ItzFrantik has also started a new weekly series. Starting as a brand new player, ItzFrantik hopes to climb up to glory. Check it out!

Unfortunately there are no new known birthdays this week. If you have a birthday coming up, message Yelmar or kumanozo ingame!

-Citywars News Team


Citywars Weekly

Hello everyone! The big news this week is that there have been some major changes concerning the staff. We welcome pkhajuria to the Designer team and kumanozo and Yelmar to the Reporter team!

Also, SMods Slayer1674, austinc3, and Krigare17 were demoted, mostly due to inactivity. Former Mod Sniper11 resigned recently, as well. We are sad to see them go, but know it is for the best.

City Of The Week

The City Of The Week this week is Aquarius, owned by cadenwomack. Here are some pictures of the city! You're definitely gonna wanna keep an eye on this city, folks!

Player Of The Week

Hannakinz is this week's Player of the Week! Even though she's been playing for only six months, she's become an integral part of this community and is well-liked by many! Some of her favorite pastimes on CityWars are building and chatting with her friends. She currently owns the city Myst. Be sure to ask her to check it out!

mattrock1's birthday was on November 5th and Cyan_Fox's Birthday is coming up on the 14th. If you see them remember to wish them a happy birthday!

Is your birthday coming up? PM kumanozo or Yelmar ingame to have it posted in the news.

~CityWars News Team


Server Down

Hello guys!! Server is down for a while we had some issues with our hosting. Hopefully it will be back up SOON!

In the meantime, you can entertain yourself with this funny kitten video, Enjoy!


EDIT:Server is back up!!


Citywars Weekly (OCTOBER 31)

Sorry everyone that there hasn't been any posts on the news lately as no one has volunteered for the reporter job till now. But anyway this weeks news City Of The Week The City Of The Week goes to KaerMorhen owned by smilingbird. The goal of the city is to help new players, keep them active, and happy on Citywars. Spawn Battle Arena

Also, check out this awesome video of our beloved Citywars made by pigrider

Nathang120s Birthday is on November 8th! Wish him a happy birthday if you see him!
Have a Birthday? PM kumanozo in-game to have it posted on the news.




Finity is back! The old symbol has returned! Our driod overseers have established their new base nearby our location of the planet. Here at the Finity stronghold, new players will have a much easier time getting started on Citywars. They'll have a much larger space so they can make their own huts to live in before transfering into a city's protected plot.

Inside the facility, the infamous PvP pit has returned, along with the frequently requested PvP team wool hats! You can also catch a refreshing beverage at the bar, or go up stairs for the new Oshop! Portals located in the building will lead you to the Wilderness (Now random location each time in the main map), the Nether, Adventure, Player Shop, and Oshop! On the outside of the building, we have a larger, FOUR TIMES LARGER Hawkland! You may travel and build here, or grief to your hearts desire! Within the larger Hawkland, you can even find secret locations, such as an underground Oasis, Sewer system, Vault, or even a Redsky (yes REDSKY) secret recon center!


Redsky has set up their recon center to watch our overseers. Will a war break out? Or is this just an intelligence mission? Whatever it is, they seem to be up to no good. WAIT WHATS THAT IN THE SKY!? REDSKY INVASION!? When will this occur or are they just testing our boundaries?

More secret locations to come in the near future! Stay tuned for more updates and events about our new Ospawn!
Map building credits go to: Darkirby3, Chaddy12, bobhero, MatsCarlV, Laettuse, Caineen, Hannakinz, and Cyan_Fox. If anyone who deserves build credit was left out, notify staff.


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