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Citywars News
(APRIL 24)

We are pleased to announce that tomorrow (April 25th), we will be merging with NemeGaming, a minigame server network. The merge is currently planned for 1pm EDT, though this is subject to change. We do not anticipate more than a few minutes of downtime during the merge.

Why are we merging?
We are merging to create a better experience for all players! This is a fantastic opportunity to expose more players to our server, while at the same time enabling our players to enjoy a variety of gamemodes. NemeGaming's larger playerbase will also give us the freedom to explore new gamemode opportunities in the future.

What will change on Citywars?
Very little. The only changes that you as a player will see are the ability to use /hub to access NemeGaming's other gamemodes, and the NemeGaming logo on our website.

Citywars gameplay, features, staffing, and donations will remain entirely under our control. You will still be able to directly connect to Citywars by using the IP, although you may also connect through NemeGaming's hub world, which will house a Citywars portal.

We look forward to working with NemeGaming and continuing to constantly improve Citywars!

- The CityWars Staff


(APRIL 23)

Chad wedding with Caineen

[Fury][Blacksmith] Darkirby3
21 points


(APRIL 22)

Remember that our advertisement is still up until the 17th of May! Be sure to welcome all new faces to Citywars and help them out when needed. You can find the server advertisement at http:/
Notable updates include the fix of /lastseen, city citizen notifications and the Bazaar forum section, where you can post any items that are for listing or search around for something to buy!
If you havent caught it already, MrSquishy has been promoted to the Owner status! A round of applause!

City of the week

Outer city

Inside outpost

Outside outpost

CavaBeta, owned by brorion has been built with elegance and is definitely worth checking out! With the use of both wood and stone, it gives the city an atmospheric feel of home!

Build of the week

Centra by Chaddy12 has been widely adored by the server for the large-scaled build with sensational detail! Although much cannot be seen now, you must see it for yourself before you judge!

chad's big muscles

[Invictus][AdvHunter] Rylai
23 points

Dont judge him too, Im sure hes stronger than you. Look at those muscles! Magnificent.

Player of the week
bElement00 has earnt this weeks player of the week for self-promoting himself! As he is self-centred, it is POSSIBLE that Element00 is being left out on Citywars. If you guys could, give him all your love by sending him your whole bank! Itll definitely cheer him up! ! ! ! !

If youd like to be the player of the week, comment below on why you should receive the podium! You may also nominate others!

Happy Birthday to TheLlama, best of wishes on the 28th! If you have an upcoming birthday, message me (Rylai) on the forums!


Promotion !!!
(APRIL 21)

Good news everyone we have a new staff member. For the first time in citywars history a player has been promoted to the owner rank. Its with enthusiast i present you our new owner.

MrSquishy alias magib1

Like you know our admin magib1 was recently demoted from is rank. There was a mutiny versus him. Our staff asked us to demote him. They have their reason to complain on our admin and we take the measure to fix the current issue. It happen sometime that the good person at the wrong place result in a fail. Most of the complaint was about magib being the face of the staff. This situation have been fixed. He is not anymore in charge of the staff.

The true is even if you don’t appreciate magib1 he had is utility for us owner. This is why i inform that magib take now part of the owner rank of citywars. He will not anymore interact directly with the staff and he will execute a new list of task who is not related directly with our public community.

Felicitation to our new owner. Magib1 should be considered exactly like max1116 is on citywars. He play citywars, He is not forced to do any public interaction. If you need help you can ask him, if he have the time to help you he will but he is not forced in anything about is new rank. Magib1 already have is own duty to do who is not on minecraft. Thank for your comprehension.
Have a nice day.


(APRIL 20)

Major news
Ospawn is now at hawkland

This can look weird at the first time. During our month of advertising i want to favorise the integration of our new member. After few investigation i found that our current ospawn is not noob friendly. Noob get lost and simply quit after a while. Most of people spam our new member to do the command /tut.. but its a terrible mistake. They use the command /tut. Read half the sign. Click on everyrhing. Without knowing what they do. Select a race and a class who is not useful for them and then quit the room and get lost at ospawn. After a while they quit.

The highest integration of success its when a noob join one of our active city and get one plot. I think hawkland can give them the chance to talk with someone who can help them to understand citywars. Citywars is a bit to complicate to simply read few sign and understand how it work.

Also its important when you join a server to see it look alive. Ospawn is sometime empty but in revenge hawkland look alive. I know it a bit risky to spawn a new member into a battlefield because he risk to get killed but it also a good opportunity for them to meet new people even if you risk to be raped.

Don't worry this is not permanent. I just want to test my theory and i will study the repercussion of these choice on our new client. If this cause more trouble then it solve them i will put back the spawn at ospawn. I will add few portal under hawkland to make thing easier for everyone.

Keep me informed if you see some good or bad benefit about this changement.

The sneak ability of ghost was bugged. Now with ghost you can eat a golden carrot to get a 1:00 invisibility potion.

Staff demotion.
Magib1 our current admin have been informed of is demotion. Today was is last day into been the admin of citywars.. After many discussion and negotiation with the currently staff we have conclude that is better for the futur of citywars that magib get demoted.

Magib will not anymore represent our staff. by doing this decision he will lost is current position and all is current rank. The negotiation have been long and i can't explain everything in this news because it will take 3 page. If you want to understand the long process behind this i suggest you take a look at this document.

In the first section you have the original document written by our staff and some other people. In the second part you have my personal report of the situation and in the third part you have magib respond.

The debate is currently close and there is nothing you can add or do to change the situation. My decision is taken. About the vacant post. The admin rank of citywars will be temporarily removed from the list of our rank . I will do my best to re-take back in charge all the staff and do what have to be done for the good stability of our server.

Small fix
-Eternal forest respawn bug
-Pocket horse can be spawned anywhere.
-Gold helmet xp bug
-City citizen notification
-Bazaar Forum section
-No chest protection itno hawkland
-Hellgrounds void bug
-New auto message
-No more feather port at hawkland
-/lastseen fixed


(APRIL 16)

The long wait for Citywars advertisement is now coming to an end! Citywars has purchased a month of advertisement on ! Citywars will be on the top spot, so spread the word! Advertisement will start on the 17th of April, ending on the 17th of May.

wiyo911 has moved his TMOD rank onto his alternative account called Whyism.
Invictus has claimed two cities, Raeul and Centra. With this expansion in chunks, they’re getting terribly strong! Although Raeul has surrendered their city, friendships still stick together even if you part ways, right?
when ur still raeul af

[Invictus][Pirate] LoveLollipop
39 points

This image was created by LoveLollipop.

City of the week

Seattle, a city that has really improved through the last map. A fine city with both PvP and aesthetics to it! Be sure to check it out ingame by contacting _Skyblazer. The city is also open for recruitment!

Build of the week

Built by Cyan_Fox, this structure is based around the Demonism religion. Maybe Cyan_Fox is Satan himself?

Player of the week
brorion has earnt this weeks player of the week! Although he didn’t comment himself, bobhero, LoveLollipop and Artistbma are supporting his placement in this position. Once again, congratulations brorion!

If you’d like to claim your spot on the player of the week section, comment below why you deserve to be the victor! You can even nominate your friends!

Race explanation
This weeks race explanation is the Ghost, feedback is appreciated!
Ghosts are the outliers on Citywars, as they’re dead souls from another dimension. Ghosts usually don’t interact with the outside world; when ghosts do interact, you’ll expect the unexpected. You may catch a glimpse of their wavering soul, though they’ll be gone if you frighten them too much. Maybe you may hear sudden voices from them, maybe not. If you do, be wary.

Happy birthday to both bmcs777 and Azurrik! Although their birthdays have already past, be sure to wish them a happy one anyway!

If you have a birthday soon, message Rylai or TheEnderDiseases on the forums!


(APRIL 10)

-The Citywars texture pack has been updated with new paintings.
-Along with that, almost all discs have been changed with a different type of sound.
-The glitch involving the pocket horse getting into walls has been fixed.
-Hawkland is officially out, allowing for more PvP action! Outside the PvP protection zone is counted as a wilderness zone, so VIP Godmode does not work and breaking blocks is allowed! Hawkland also regenerates, so take anything you want.
-New Reporter Rank. Just to be clear, this rank gives no in-game benefits. This rank only has access to the news editor, which is also access to the front page of the forum.

City of the week

Noxus is a city that has been heavily seen as a PvP orientated one. With the stereotype of PvP cities being ugly, think again!

Build of the week

The Ramburger built by LoveLollipop has attracted a lot of attention for its shape and style. It is built in Raeul so if you ever come by across the city, check it out! Especially from an aerial view.

Player of the week
The player of the week is an addition to the new ‘news posts’. To earn this position, comment on why you should be the player of the week! It can be in any form, funny or serious.

Race explanation
This weeks race explanation is the Golem, feedback is appreciated!
The golems are neutral beasts that are still quite unknown to this day. They live individually and are separated from other golems, making them discrete. Even adventurers don’t spot them as they’re camouflaged with their surroundings. Whether it be lava, stone of even obsidian, you’ll never know if they’re golems or not. Golems protect only their territory and hunt for food. As they alter with their surroundings, it’s impossible to tell where they are. As the inauspicious come through, they’ll never see it coming. The birth of golems are still a mystery, though legend has it that all natural surroundings have the potential to morph into a golem at any given time; golems are hidden and are almost impossible to study as it’ll be hard to even spot one.

A new birthday section will be added for the following weeks, so if you have a birthday coming up, message Rylai or TheEnderDiseases!


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