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Current Version : 1.9

To register, it's simple go on in Minecraft, then do the command /register 'password'

Hello everyone I just want to warn you about what is going on citywars.

In a plan to recruit new player i contact some big youtuber and ask them to make us a server review. The goal is getting cool server review. If this plan work has planned that could help us to reach more new player without having to paid expensive advertising.

I give a special tool to these youtuber. They could activate a unique rank reserved to them. This rank has no special permission. Its only esthetic. This rank is called Youtuber and this will give you the opportunity to quickly difference them from the community.

I contact some of them. Not sure if they will all respond to my message but i would like to ask you a service to help me. If you see one of these youtuber online. They are probably recording for the review. If you could help them to make their experience better on citywars i would be really happy.

These guys need to be impress by our community. Make sure they got a good experience, don’t be a dick with them. Also don’t suck their ball… this is so freaking annoying.. just act cool and guide them to the adventure map. This is the main reason why they get online. To review the adventure map. Also if you are lucky you could become a start on their channel ! This is why its important to give our best first impresion.

I encourage everyone to take part of this. It could maybe give us the thumb up we need to get back on our feet.
Thanks everyone.

Also here the video i made for them to present adventure map. If you could give me few like i would be really happy. Its help the video to reach first in the search engine.



Due to concrete evidence of hacking, Grc2q3pg will be demoted for hacking. However after one week of good behavior, he may regain his position.

He will also face a hack warn.

The reason behind a the ban and demotion is this: Any outside method that gives an inherent advantage beside Optifine and Lag reduction measures, is NOT ALLOWED. This includes HARDWARE SIDE advantages such as macros, auto clicker, etc. and etc. If these are seen again, they will be punished as hack warns. Because GRC was not using this in a pvp environment, the punishment will be relatively low. There will be further leniency due to the lack of transparency behind this rule. After GRC there will be 0 further leniency.

Thank you to Shradox and Jcoder for providing solid evidence.



Citywars Weekly! (August 26th)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been releasing more of the Citywars weekly news posts. I haven't been given a lot of time recently to sit down and write it. Anyways, on with the show!

We all want to get the scoop on our favorite server, what's happening with the code, what's changed. Well I'm sure that most of you who enjoy playing dungeons and not just setting up bases will be happy to hear and see the set news below.

+Breaking dungeon spawners now have reduced slowness (1 second)
*No longer make much cash camping spawners
-Advhunter was NERFED.
+Newer dungeons being added constantly
-God mode doesn't protection against skeleton bows anymore
+Sexytimewas added! Do the command /sexytime in game now :)

That about wraps up the updates. Message me in game if you believe I missed anything at all, as I am happy to edit or add on to the list :D

City of the week
I have decided, after being constantly spammed "MEE" by hannakinz to show her city as city of the week. So our city of the week, ladies and gentlemen, is Myst! It currently is just a big house, but it's a fine looking house indeed! She got the idea for her city when Darkirby3wanted hannakinz to make them a house, and bam, like that, they have a city. She adds "Because dark is bae" "the end". Words of wisdom. We could learn a thing or two from hanna.

The main entrance

One of the wings of the house

apparently this pig wanted a shot as well

Her city is NOT open for recruitment, But I do advise you ask hanna to check it out sometime! It looks really nice!

Just thought it would be nice to let people know of active wars going on currently
Valyria and Seattle VS Templar
want some pvp action? Join one of the 3 cities listed above! Constant action!! :DD

Birthdays! :D
Let's take a day to put down our swords and quit stabbing each others guts out and nuking each others cities to spend some time and be nice to the special people on their special day :D

Sniper11's birthday is September 2nd!Be sure to wish him a happy birthday!

Unfortunately due to my timezone, and family issues lately, as well as my sisters soccer tournament, I have been unable to write the news post in the past 2 days, which means I couldn't have had time to post it Sunday night. :/ I am sorry about that guys.

Coming to you live!
- Citywars News team!



Don't miss this saturday the next boxe event !

Here a quick look of what looked the previous event. Our last champion was Night_reborn.

The next event will be at 9:00 PM 8/22/2015 GMT -4
Make sure to subscribe to this event. You can lets me know in-game (Darkirby3) or post it in this post.

Here the description of the tournament. Every participant who have previously subscribe to the event will be match in a tournament to fight each other. We will eliminate each player round after round of the competition to find our new champion of the boxing second edition.

if you success to reach the end of this tournament here the price for the three finalist.

Third : 6 Diamond Block
Second : Small backpack containing a full protection 3 diamond Armor
First : Big backpack containing a full protection 4 diamond Armor.

Here few rules for the event. If you don't follow them you will be automaticaly disqualified from the event with no possibility of return.
-The only race accepted for the combat is hawkman.
-No item allow except the one given for the combat.
-You could exit the ring only once you have win a combat.

I said good luck to everyone who want to participate to this event !


Shop Update

Hello guys! A new bought perk, has just been released!
Backpack Perk!

This new Perk can be found in the citywars shop!
The Backpack Perk, is a perk that allows to carry different sized chests! (Size depends on what backpack you buy). This perk is just like BVIP /binv, When you buy the perk, you'll be given a back pack to carry around with you. This backpack is for you to store more items in your inventory. Your Backpack can be opened by any player, And will drop if you are killed. If you are killed, and your Backpack is gone, There are 2 options, you can try to get it back, or buy anther one from the shop!
Head over to the shop today, and go buy one!

Citywars News Team!


Citywars Weekly (August 16th)

Hey all! So, you might have heard about the new updates, well, yes it is true. It is becoming increasingly harder to play dungeons without having a strategy. For the people who don't play very "by the rules" (not going to name people) this will really suck for you.
Anyways, Artistbma got really mad at me the other week for not including my date. So I had to put it in blue. On with the news!

You might be wondering what this recent update includes, as well as the list of fixes since last week. Do you remember when the portal wouldn't work? Well that has been fixed along with this stuff!

Recently fixed, added, or removed:
* You no longer have to kill all the mobs, just remove the spawners
- Spawners give you slowness now after breaking (increases game-play)
- Harder dungeons are being built.
-Game-play will be harder without teams
+No longer getting the frequent "No mob dungeon" bug! :D
+ Better loot , more loot
+ Portal fix
+ Fire damage fix
+ Elemental attributes for mobs (Blue means more health, Red means strength etc.)
+ Ender Dragon spawns after completing all 25 dungeons!

City of the week!
So, I asked in chat, as usual, who wants city of the week. And of course, the title goes, and you'll see why below, deathornothing! deathornothing runs the amazingly built city of Psychotic! Unfortunately he logged off before I could ask him anymore questions ( :(( ) He got the idea for making Psychotic after spending 4 maps without ever finishing a city. The cities style looks modern and medieval at the same time. Check it out!

The spawn

Leading into their armory, or founder house

Outside of the spawn

Inside their armory or founder house

And apart from those stunning pictures of a even more stunning city! I finally got to record some game-play of Dungeons!
with a twist >:)


Let's all stop spilling each others guts, and hammering each others walls to bits and pieces, and spend 5 minutes singing "happy birthday" to the special ones on their special day :D

ladragon88's birthday was August 2nd! Make sure you wish him a happy birthday!

And that's all folks! liek if u die errytiem, and make sure to sub. Nah Jokes. This isn't youtube and I'm not that desperate >:D

-Citywars News team!


Staff Update 2.0

Today I will be telling you about what happens in each staff rank, a list of the current staff, and a couple of Promotions/Demotions.


Our current Owners are Darkirby3, Linkupdated, and MrSquishy. The Owners do much of the behind-the-scenes work. The Owners are mainly in charge of creating and maintaining plugins. The Owners also appoint Admins to run the server when they are not online. Finally, the Owners keep the server up and running, and are always on the lookout for advertising.


Our current Admins are Kryptyc, Artistbma, and Chaddy12. The Admins are the people who run the server when the owners are not online. The Admins also have a say in who becomes staff. The Head Admin has the final say in the staff picking process. Our current Head Admin is Kryptyc. Admins are usually the ones who host large server events such as Mob Arenas, but other staff can as well.

Super Moderators (SMod)

Our current SMods are Krigare17, austinc3, Slayer1674, and TheLlama. The SMods are the middle class of staff. They have some say in who gets Mod but not as much as the Admins. SMods are the people who validate the builds in your city. SMods also host events. The Head SMod is in charge when no other higher ranking staff is online. Our current Head SMod is Krigare17.

Moderators (Mod)

Our current Mods are LoveLollipop, grc2q3pg, Nathang120, and Sniper11. The Mods are the lower class of staff, the first staff rank you become when you first join the staff team. Mods monitor the server to make sure there are no hackers or rule breakers. Mods can’t validate builds in your city or host Mob Arenas, however. The Head Mod is in charge when no other higher ranking staff is online. Our current Head Mod is LoveLollipop.


Our current Reporters are 4eyesjj and _Skyward. The Reporters are players who volunteer to write news posts on the home page. Reporters are considered staff but have no say in any staff decisions. The Head Reporter has the final say on all news posts before they go out. Our current Head Reporter is 4eyesjj.


Our current Developers are Cyan_Fox, Twiggles, and MatsCarlV. The Developers are good builders that have passed the mandatory build test given to all that are interested. Developers often come up with ideas for new events and then build them. Like Reporters they are considered staff, but they have no say in staff decisions. Our current Head Developer is Cyan_Fox.

Staff Demotion

Staff demotions usually occur when a player is not fit to be staff any longer. The two Mods staii7 and Eve_J were both recently demoted due to inactivity. As such, they are no longer considered Citywars Staff members.

-Citywars News Team!


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