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Current Version : 1.9

To register, it's simple go on in Minecraft, then do the command /register 'password'

Item Shop!
(APRIL 19)

Affter lots of work, we have finally released the Citywars ItemShop!

The item shop is an online shop where players can buy and sell items. For the first week the item shop is out, everyone has one free slot. This means everyone can sell one item at a time. After this week, it will cost around $2 for each slot.

Note: Everyone can buy items from the item shop, without donating.

Shop Tutorial

To get to the item shop, either click the "Item Shop" tab at the top of this page, or go

There are a few new commands involved in selling and buying items in the item shop. The first is /itemshop sell . This allows you to send the item in your hand to the item shop. You can choose the price you want to sell the item for, and a small description describing your item. You can check which items your selling, with the command /itemshop list. When someone buys your item, the money will be automatically transferred to your account.

The next command is /$ credit . This allows you to move your money into your item shop credit. This is a separate bank, which you will use to buy items from the shop. You can at any time, type /$ credit to see how much money you have in your item shop bank.

Above is the layout of an item in the item shop. To buy an item, simply click the "buy" button located in the bottom right corner of the item being sold. Buying an item comes from the money within the item shop bank. (Read paragraph above for a tutorial on putting money into the item shop bank).

After buying an item, you can type /itemshop buy in-game to see a list of items you have bought, and items you are selling. Type /itemshop buy to transfer the item into your inventory. Make sure you have enough room in your invatory before taking the item.

At any time, if you decide you don't want to sell an item your selling, you can type /itemshop cancel to cancel the item. Canceling an item your selling will return it to your inventory, so make sure your in a safe place when you do.

Item Shop Layout

At the top of the item shop, there are multiple options which allow you to sort the list of items, by the date, player, price, and durability.

Each item in the item shop has this layout. The name of the item is whatever the in-game name of the item is. This does not mean an item sold "Diamond" is necessarily a diamond. It could be a dirt block renamed diamond, so be sure to look at the item picture.

Under the item name is a picture of the item (some item pictures do not appear such as player heads). In the bottom right corner is a number, which symbolizes how many of the item(s) are being sold.

Scrolling over the item picture will show its enchantments, if it has any. If the picture is shining, it means that the item has enchantments.

Under the item picture is a bar which shows how much durability the item has, if its a tool. Scrolling over it will show the full durability of the item.

To the right of the durability bar is the price of the item. To the right of the price is a box saying "buy" which you click if you want to purchase the item. Finally, above this on the right is the player name of whoever is selling the item.

Well, thank you for the support, and we hope you enjoy the Citywars ItemShop edition. For anymore questions, ask below or in the helps section. If you find any bugs, post them in the bug report section, And again, thanks playing
-The CityWars team.


Data Recovery & Giveaway Event
(APRIL 13)

Updating Citywars to 1.7.8 was necessary, but it caused us to run into a few unexpected issues.

Enderchests: Because of the update, items from before the update in Enderchests was reset. We are working on an enderchest data recovery.
Until this happens, please don't put anything of value into your Enderchest, or it will be deleted.

Side Worlds: Side worlds, Eternal, Hellsground, and Toxic Bite, are causing connection issues because of 1.7.8. When these issues are sorted out, the worlds will be re-opened.

Giveaway Event

Magib's Giveaway event has been postponed to 6:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on 4/13/2014. This event will include many trivia questions, games, and many prizes (over $5,000,000) will be given away. For more information and updates on this event, please see

-We're sorry about the issues from 1.7.8, and we are working hard on fixing them. Thanks for understanding, and if you notice any more issues, please pm an admin, or email -The Citywars team.


The CW Tribune
10th Edition!

Hey guys! Thanks for reading and being supportive of these things for 10 Editions! Remember to leave ideas, comments, or random babbling thoughts in the comments!

April Fools!
We recently passed April Fools day. Unfortunately the grand schemes to troll max1116 failed miserably and pure7777 was stuck as Uberkull! Despite this, Mojang was the big winner, managing to push each minecraft player past his breaking point at least once that day. Thanks to all who tried, better luck next year!

This Saturday at 6 PM EST magib1 will be hosting another giveaway of money and items! Be sure to log on for it to get your hands on some treasure!

deathornothing has resigned from his position as Tmod. This was his choice and was not a demotion by the staff team. We wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors. Bye death, we’ll miss you.

Pure7777 +1
Pure7777 recently achieved a +1 meme on the CW Gag. It will not be posted here, due to the fact that it does not deserve to be :P You are welcome to check it out on the gag and -1 it if you like :D

Zombie has encountered a problem. Fear not! We are working hard on bringing it back up.

City of the Week
This week’s city is Aria. Aria is a relatively new city with really nice builds and an interesting layout. Aria is currently lead by Dove_BA, ask him to see it in game!

Build of the Week
This week’s build is by hobobob123456789/Krigare17 (same person, new account). This build is the Russia town hall. It is quite impressive so if you haven’t seen it in-game yet be sure to now!

Gag of the Week
I decided on this week’s gag because well… scotty doesn’t know!

Player News
There were a few birthdays these past few weeks. For example Vahi_Mangai is turning 17, salamander334 had a birthday on the 8th, and bmcs777 had a birthday on the 7th! And bole2002 just reached his 2.5 year mark on the server!

Since this is our special 10th edition I put in some Tribune statistics :D
1. magib1 holds the record for being in the most tribunes (6 Tribunes by my count)
2. Despite having 10 tribunes there have actually been 11 Builds of the Week, only 9 Cities of the Week, 5 Gags of the Week and only 1 Poll of the week.
3. PCH333 Holds the record for writing in the most Tribunes :3
4. The Poll of the Week holds the record for being the worst segment ever done in the Tribunes. It had mis-labeled axis after 3 tries as well as having less than 20 people voting on it, making it also the most un-reliable xD.

Thanks for reading guys :D



The CW Tribune
9th Edition!

Wow 9 tribunes thats a whole 10 weeks of them! (We skipped one week a few editions back). Todays is just going to be a short one.

Chunkwars News!
A new rules set has been implemented for declining Chunkwars. Previously, cities were allowed to decline a Chunkwar for any "valid" reason. Due to issues with defining a comprehensive list of "valid" circumstances for denying a war, the rules for declining have been changed to the following:
- If a main city declares a Chunkwar against another main city, the defending main city may decline the war for any reason
- If an outpost declares a Chunkwar against a main city, the main city may decline the war for any reason
- If a main city declares a Chunkwar against an Outpost, the outpost may NOT decline the war
- If an Outpost declares a war against another Outpost, the defending outpost may NOT decline the war
For the purposes of this rule, a "main city" is all claimed land that borders the first chunk claimed for the city. If the "main city" is completely conquered through Chunkwars, the new "main city" shall be the outpost with the largest contiguous area.
Thanks to magib1 for that explanation!
Also emeralds no longer drop from beacons when you hit them. Unless you are in the enemy city, then the emeralds will drop for you.

$ Top
Unsurprisingly, magib1 has made his way back to the top of the /$ top list. I don’t know how he came back from a 12 mil loss that fast… I guess he’s just magi(c).

The /surrender command has been removed from the set of commands for $200 Surrender. We are terribly sorry, but a few cities used the command to become overly large in a small span of time. It will be eventually replaced with a new command.

City of the Week!
This week’s city is Russia. Built by hobob123456789, this city is still in its early stages. However, it shows great promise!

Make sure you ask him to see it in game! (the screen shots really don’t do it justice).

Build of the Week!
This week’s build is a MotherCore Bunker built by IFlINGPOO13. This really is an impressive take on the Mothercore bunker. Ask him to see it in-game! (My screenshots didn’t get all of the rooms).

Gag of the Week!
This week, since it is the first official Gag of the Week segment, I will be displaying 3 images. All three are made by LoveLollipop and feature different citywars players…

Player News
The old Moderator Frodomario was here on the 25th and he has been mentioned. ATA_BRad will reach his 3 year mark on CW on the 29th! L1nks had a birthday on the 20th! HeavenMan2233(mistaplayer) also had a birthday this month! In other news Heavenman has… died?

Our highest amount of players this week was 83.

Guys remember to leave comments or suggestions in the comments! Special thanks to austinc3 for helping me with names!



The CW Tribune
8th Edition!

Wow guys this is the 8th Tribune so far. Remember to leave comments in the suggestions below!

Staff Promotion!
magib1 has been promoted to the rank of WikiMod. This is equivalent to Moderator, however it has a few extra commands to help him with his job.

Wiki News
The CityWars wiki is being updated, the old staff section was deleted and any blank pages will be deleted shortly. So fill in your city page if you haven’t already!

Bug Fixes
A few bugs such as the XP Glitch were fixed, sorry for any inconveniences.

The Bvip sale is over and Surrender sale is ending this week. Hopefully you can buy some Surrender before it ends if you haven’t already! Thanks to everyone who purchased donation packages, it greatly helps the server!

Money Top
The /$ top list has had a few changes recently. Due to big wins at the Casino bluehawk1216 is now on the list, his win pushed magib1 down so that stroclim could inherit the number one spot.

Build of the Week
This week’s build wis a Darkirby3 Bunker made by JPBOT and kamanite4. Ask them to check it out in game!

City of the Week
This week’s city is Xantiah! This city is currently owned by DaBlackBear who is also currently adding citizens, ask him to join in game!

The highest amount of players this week was 115!



The CW Tribune
7th Edition!

A new race was recently released called Guardian. Guardians are usually stronger around other Guardians but weak on their own. Heres a list of the Guardian Abilities:
Proximity Power: gives damage boost near other guardians.
Guard Tandem: If two guardians use the same weapon near each other they get a PvP boost.
Best Friend: Guardians can heal one another. Using a special item

Inseperable Duo: They become blinded and slow when not near other guardians.
Friend Zone: They do less damage to other guardians.Br />

The donator perk Surrender has been re-introduced. This perk works for your city and gives it new powers. Newer perks have been added such as the command /surrender working for those who want to surrender to you.

Also for one week BVIP is 35% off! But only one month will come at the discounted rate.

RPLuvlylace -> RPLuvlylace
RPLuvlylace has officially resigned as a Moderator on citywars.

God Apples
To balance PvP the effect of God Apples is now Nausa III. So don’t waste time making any!

Strategy of the Week!
This week’s strategy is using Raid Points. Raid Points can be used to fight a raiding war with another city. But even more effectively they can be used in conjunction with Chunk Wars. By using a Raid Point at your Chunk War you can keep it safe inside your outpost and let your citizens come help you win the chunk war.

Build of the Week
I wasn’t going to make this the build of the week, but a lot of people told me I should. So here is the Carthage Founder House. Made by PCH333 this is the largest known house on the server. and uses more than 15 stacks of lapis blocks.

City of the Week
This week there weren’t any player-adding cities who wanted to be city of the week. So this week’s city is Soular. This city is owned by Stroyclim. Be sure to pay a visit.

The highest amount of players recorded this week was 149. This is a citywars New Era record high amount! These players were online for the party that PCH333 and RPLuvlylace hosted.




Hey guys, it's time for another Citywars update!

Today, the update focuses on Raiding, chat, and the forums!


Raid Points have been added! A raid point is a small tower you make by stacking; One gold block, One iron block and One diamond block on top of each other. These can be made anywhere, and allow anyone in your city to teleport to this spot.
This makes it easier for all members of your city to raid another city. You cannot build these in other protections, but you can set your setraid on these structures. If someone in an enemy city decides to make a raid point, then other people from other cities can set their raids on them, and raid anytime. Raid points can be made anywhere, and cost $25,000 to make them.

The main city founder, city founders, and city leaders can create a raid point. To make one, place a gold block, then iron block, and diamond block stacked on each other in that order. To set your raid point here, stand on the diamond block and type /setraid. This will withdraw $25,000 from your city bank, turn the diamond block into a sponge, and turn the gold and iron blocks into stone. With this small sacrifice, anyone in your city can type /raid to teleport to this spot.
This can be used to easily raid other cities, and get to other places. You can only have one raid point set at a time. Players who type /raid should be careful, as there could be enemy players standing right outside the raid point just waiting for you to come through. Spawn killing people on the raid point is allowed. (This means the second they type /raid and come through the raid point, you kill them.) *It is still not allowed to spawnkill other cities spawns, /homes, /warps, or accepting a teleport then killing the guy who you accepted.
*Anyone can destroy the raid point once its set, by destroying the sponge on top (A sponge replaces the diamond block when a player activates /setraid). This is why its encouraged to hide your raid point in the ground or in spots others can't find them. It also means that cities will have to watch and pay attention to their citizens carefully, or they could be a traitor who makes raid points in his house. A city can only have one raid point set at a time.

Raid Point Structure:


There was a small upgrade to the chat. Now, scrolling over a players name will show their class, their race, their city, and many main Citywars player stats. The main founder of a city (the person who owns the city), will now have Leader class, instead of, Leader, when no city type is bought.


Now, in forum posts, you will be able to see a full player model of whoever posts something. (It shows their Minecraft player with their skin). Now only this, but the forum also has a new background!

-Well, we hope you enjoy this upgrade, and thanks for all the support!
-From, the Citywars team.


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