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Citywars Tribune
(12th Edition)

Welcome everybody, to the 12th edition of the Citywars Tribune!

I apologize for not having a tribune for a while, there should be one every monday from today on out, like the previous tribune schedule.

Staff Changes
This week, our very own Artistbma was promoted from TMod to Moderator. Lets thank him for his work, and congratulate him on his promotion!

Besides this, every Moderator now has Validation permissions. Vals should be getting done a bit quicker now, so cities can expand at a faster rate than before!

/fbump was added a few weeks ago, and has been paying off since then. If you missed the forum post, Fbump allows you to comment something good and positive on the CW Minecraft Forums Thread every two weeks, and get payed $25,000 for it! After commenting, you can ask any staff, Mod and higher to give you the money. Help yourself, by helping the server! Link:

Citywars Lite
Citywars Lite is partially done. This is a shortened version of the code, that allows everyone to program for Citywars. Currently, enough parts of Citywars Lite are done to start minor work on pluggins, classes, races, or whatever you want! When you finish programming your idea, please send it in to pure7777, DaLordofAwesome1, or magib1. If it works, and is approved, it could be added to Citywars. When Citywars Lite is finished, they’re will be a full news post explaining it, instead of a tiny segment in the Tribune. Finally, there is a small tutorial (better one will be written when Citywars Lite is finished), on the Wiki! Link:

Wiki Upgrade
The Citywars Wiki has had a major information upgrade. All class pages are now up-to-date, and information for the Overworld, Eternal, Hellsground, Toxic Bite, and Atlas in the Worlds Tab is complete. Finally, the commands in the Commands tab where upgraded slightly.

The Fishy Games
The Fishy Games Colleseum built by bluehawk and J_A_C_K was finished two weeks ago, and hosted a Team PvP event on July 10th. Although the event started out a little slow, it turned out well, and was lots of fun! We will be running more PvP events, and other events in the future, so be ready!

City Of The Week The city of the week is Rome! Although this isn’t the Rome that Dragriver owned, it is still a great city. Owned by austinc3, Rome has been adding new citizens, getting them a spot to build, teaching them and helping them with any questions they have, etc. Rome is a great starter city for new players, and has been working on helping all of their citizens, and get them started off. For this reason, it is the City of the week!

Build Of The Week
The build of the week is the Esdraelon Chaple, made by Wishugoodnight!

This weeks activity is a Citywars Crossword Puzzle! The first person to finish it correctly and send pure7777 a screenshot (over skype, or pm on the fourms), gets $100,000. The Second Person to finish it correctly and send in a picture or screenshot of the crossword gets $50,000. You may not use alts, and please don’t show others the crossword once you’ve finished yours. Thanks, and have fun! :D


Birthdays Of The Week
The most important thing, out of every bit of information stated this tribune, is that it was bobcattennis’s birthday this week! Happy birthday bob!

Well, this was the first pure tribune, so thanks for not setting it in flames and throwing it at me, I appreciate it!



The Fishy Games
(JULY 10)

We will be hosting our first ever PvP based event at the Fishy Arena, built by J_A_C_K and bluehawk1216, on Sunday, July 13th at 7 pm EST.

This event will include both a Team PvP tournament, some Free For All PvP, and a few games of Capture the Flag.

Gear will be provided for both the Team PvP tournament, and the Capture the Flag games.

Prizes will include Enchanted books and items, along with money for the winning teams/players. Along with this, the victor of each match will also receive the armor they won.

Don't want to PvP? You can always watch the action from the stands of the arena, and enjoy the fireworks after each round.

-The Citywars Team


New Minecraft Forums Thread!
(JULY 9)

Hello everyone! We have some great news today, we now have a new Minecraft Forum thread for CW! You can use it to help the server and line your pockets with some much needed cash every two weeks!
Link ->

To earn free cash:
1. Go to the link above.
2. You must post your username in the thread.
3. Tell a Staff Member that you posted there.
4. Aforementioned Staff Member will check and then give you $25000!!!
5. Roll in your mountains of cash.

Doing this not only helps you bring home the bacon. It also bumps our thread, This will hopefully make the server even more popular! Help the server. Help yourself. Help dying squids.

~The CityWars Team


Happy Fourth!
(JULY 3)

In Honor of the fourth, we will be having a firework show and mob arena at the Fishy Arena on July 4th!

The Fishy Arena is a huge colosseum, where events from Mob Arenas to Capture the Wool will be held! It was hand made by luehawk and J_A_C_K, and will soon be used for many PvP events!

The Firework show and Mob Arena will be at 9:00 pm Pacific, 10:00 pm Mountain, 11:00 pm Central and 12:00 am Eastern U.S. time zones. Please refer to a timezone converter if you are outside of these time zones.

-The Citywars team


Staff Update
(JUNE 24)

A few changes to the staff have been made!

First, lets welcome back the leader of the master race, our living god, DaLordofAwesome1! He has been gone for a bit dew to business in real life, and is back as an Admin and glad to be back.

Secondly, lets congratulate bobcattennis's promotion from TMod to Moderator.

Changing the subject a bit to Citywars upgrades, Atlas is back, so building on major events has been resumed! If you would like to participate in building a server event, please talk to pure7777 and have a unique event idea or story you're willing to build and lead. For helping with current events, find and ask the person leading the event.

Finally, race balancing is on its way. More information soon.

Thanks for reading


Birthdays, Admins and Fathers Day
(JUNE 15)

Many things to say, but first, I'm going to start with two awesome players birthdays :D.

Austinc3's birthday was sometime last week, so lets all wish him a happy birthday! (Sorry I made this so late).

deathornothing's birthday was also last week, though I don't have a sexy photo of him made (sorry D:), but lets wish him happy birthday as well!

As for staff promotions, congrats to magib1, on his promotion from Wiki Mod to Admin.

Finally, since I've made this post so late, happy fathers day to anyone who is a father!

Well, again, congrats to everyone and everything mentioned above, and sorry I made this so late.



(JUNE 6)

Recently, Finity scientists discovered a small island in a remote corner of the world. They named it Insula, and started exploring the place. Insula is an atoll, an island formed by a volcano, that had the volcano submerge leaving a ring of sand. Although the deeply submerged volcano on Insula is extinct, Finity scientists searched for rare minerals, formed by lava. They found small deposits of Diamond, Gold and Iron, but nothing major.

After exploring the day, the scientists set up camp, building a small house to rest in. Sometime around 1 am, they started hearing noises from outside. After stepping out, all they could see where hordes of aggressive monsters, that they suspected emerged from a cave in a sand hill near the top of the island. They quickly rushed back inside their house, searching for weapons they could use to survive. After fighting the rest of the night, the monsters started to leave, back where they came to avoid daylight. The scientists collapsed from exhaustion, and awoke later that day.
After they reported their findings back to the Finity Outpost, they started construction on a wall surrounding the island, to keep native and aggressive forces out. They then started work on exploring the cave the mobs had arose from, going deeper than before. Later that night, the scientists signal was lost at the Finity Outpost. A search team set out to Insula to find the scientists, but have come up dry on their whereabouts.

The new PvP and Mob arena, Insula is now up and running. Be sure to go check it out. Insula is styled as a King of the Hill type arena. At the top there are Ore generators and a beacon to make the person at the top slightly OP.
Remember, special PvP Mob Arenas will be hosted at Insula, so be sure to attend them. Mobs will endlessly spawn, while you try and survive other players trying to fight you. Will you kill them and survive the mobs or fall in defeat?

Everyone make sure to thank the awesome team that put this together IN A WEEK!!!

Project Leader and Head Builder: Bobcattennis
Director and Planner: PCH333
Swag Builder: austinc3
Idea Defender: Artistbma
Idea Killer: pure7777
Design Fixer: magib1

&&Keep in mind Insula is brand new and will probably need some balances, leave a suggestion in the comments if you have one!

Good luck and happy killing!

-The Citywars Team


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