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Citywars Minecraft Abyss 2/28/2015[edit]

Hi everyone! Its have been a long time we did not take the time to work on citywars. Lets make everything clear.

If you still enjoy playing citywars and you like this server. We will do our best to alway keep this server open for everyone who love playing citywars. Keep in mind we cannot spend all our time on citywars like we did before. Its result in less update and less new content. Thats why the few last months there were no new content.

Don't feel abandoned by the situation. Me (Darkirby3) and Linkupdated just have more responsibility and can't spend the same amount of time on minecraft like we did. We made this new update for everyone who still enjoy this server. I still really enjoy this community even if in the past some people started to make me hate it. I just decided to cut off the bridge on skype because after a time you start to lose interest in everything when the only thing you see are complaints. I know there is a lot of people here who still enjoy the server but for every hater you need a lot of supporters. I maybe looked like someone who can handle hater but after a time you simply lose interest in your work when the only thing you get are hate. Thats one of the many reasons I progressively lost interest in citywars.

Maybe some people will not like this update… or maybe some of you will enjoy it. I am not the kind of person who hide myself about the truth. I know Citywars is in a bad situation. There is a lot of conflict in the minecraft community going now and there is a lot of uncertainty about this. Our future is uncertain, I don't want to promise you thing we can't. Yes this update is like a new start… but I can't promise it will fix 100% the situation. I really want to spend more time with you guys. but I can't promise I will.

If after all this message you still have hope in citywars. I can tell you this. Enjoy the present moment. You like us then play on citywars without thinking of the past or without thinking of our future. This update is a chance for you to get a fresh new idea of what citywars is right now.

Citywars will never be like how it was before. Citywars evolve and change and time to time people miss the “old good time”.

Special thank to magib1 who helped us and managed the staff to get some result. Without him this update would probably never see the day.

List of all update

Map reset[edit]

No items transfered Reborn perks and VIP is transferred In-game money, including Reborn money, is not transferred.

Reduced BVIP to 7.99$[edit]

BVIP spawnable items were changed BVIPs can now spawn items using /i # or /i name.

Reduced VIP to 2.99$[edit]

VIP spawnable items were changed VIPs can now spawn items using /i # or /i name.

Removed SVIP[edit]

All existing SVIP time will be converted to BVIP.

-Removed the New Era race system[edit]

The old race system has been implemented, with one advantage for each of 11 races.

Mob spawning returns[edit]

Peaceful and hostile mobs will now spawn in the overworld

Oshop item list changed[edit]

Oshop and Item shops sell fewer items

Warn system reworked[edit]

1st Offense: 10 minute ban 2nd Offense: 24 hour ban 3rd Offense: 7 day ban 4th Offense: 30 day ban 5th Offense+: 3 month ban

Spamming will now result in a mute instead of a warn.

Hoppers Added[edit]

All players may now place hoppers. Note that hoppers may NOT be placed next to any existing chest. If you want to connect a hopper to a chest, place the hopper before placing the chest.

Chunkwars Changes[edit]

Lapis Blocks are now used instead of Emerald Blocks. City may decline a chunkwar for any reason, but it costs $5,000 per chunk to decline a Chunkwar, and that money is given to the attacking city. The attacking city may not declare another war on that chunk for 24 hours after it is declined.


Setrace has a one hour cooldown. The following races are available:

Werewolf Demon Droid Vampire Elven Hydra Orc Hawkman Alien Neonbot Merman

Spawning location[edit]

Players will now spawn into the server at their logout location, instead of at ospawn.

Staff no longer required to be VIPs[edit]

Staff members may now keep their staff ranks and moderation commands without purchasing VIP.

Ban list reset[edit]

All players have been unbanned.


The /surrender command is now available for all cities to use.


Added /disband, which permanently destroys your city. Do NOT use this command unless you are prepared to destroy your city FOREVER.

Worldedit changes[edit]

World Edit may only be used within claim chunks. This is to prevent wilderness griefing with worldedit.

Bucket use[edit]

All players may now use buckets to pick up water in any non-protected area. Lava may only be picked up and placed within claimed chunks.

Eternal Forest spawn moved[edit]

The Eternal Forest building will now spawn at y=63 to allow easier access to the surface.

Free news[edit]

The main news page is now linked to the Citywars Wiki.

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