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The CW Tribune
16th Edition

The CW Tribune
16th Edition

This is the 4th Artist Tribune! I wanted to start off by saying sorry, because we haven’t had a tribune in three weeks. This was mostly because there hasn’t been much news to cover. On the bright side, there’s a tribune now! So buckle up, some big stuff this week.

Staff Changes

On another note, MrsCJ and Kakisto have been promoted to Moderators! They’ve both done a great job as TMods and we look forward to more great things from them!

Element00 has been demoted from the staff team. The admins decided that he wasn’t pulling his weight as a Moderator.

Important Info

Remember to check the news post below this one titled “???” for information about where the server plans to go and how we’ve been working towards that.

City of the Week

This week’s city is Falthia, owned by Ceres13. It’s a nice little city, very cozy, and a wonderful place to just slow things down for a bit. Ask Ceres to check it out ingame; you won’t be disappointed!

Build of the Week

This week’s build is the Esdraelon Hotel. Built and ran by kamanite4, it contains many rooms, lots of benches, and even a billiards table! I’d tell you to talk to kamanite to purchase a room, but they’ve all been rented out by TehLuke! Be sure to check out the build ingame, though.

Birthdays and Other Events

My birthday was this past Saturday, the 13th!

And that concludes the 16th Edition of the CW Tribune. See ya next time.




Hello Citywars!

I know you guys had no clue about what is going on and are angry at us owner… I just want to take the time to write this news to explain what is going and i will try to explain the current situation.

Currently there is a war between mojang and bukkit…

More information here ->

I dont want to explain all the situation between bukkit and mojang… if you are interested make your own search. i will try to explain the current situation of citywars.

Lets talk about me(Darkirby3) and Linkupdated. We have recently take a new apartment. I work with Link at is job. we create website. Link is teaching me how to become a good php programer and i do my best to complete my job. That why you see us less online. We got a lot of work to do and we prefer to spend time on our real work to paid the bill at the end of the month than spending time on Minecraft.

What we do with our free time. In the past i was playing a lot Citywars. I really enjoyed playing it and i loved doing stuff on it. With the time i get sick of a lot of thing…

Mojang freaking shity update..
Everytime mojang made a update they fuck top all our work done on the plugin… To fix this its a lot of work for us and at the final mojang did not add a lot of content for the job they give us.

Annoying old member
There is a lot of kids who quit cw and come back after and cry how life had changed and at the final they are just on to do drama and piss off the most people they can for the lol… consequence of this.. the less we connect the less of these player we see…

Citywars lag
Citywars is almost 4-5 year old… Now image a old plugin that every time mojang updated we patched stuff on already patched code… Result you get a super huge piece of code that is old… and impossible to fix and laggy as hell.

There so much broken stuff on citywars that every time we want to add a new suggestion its take hours and hours of work to fix what was broken or was quickly fixed by the previous mojang update… That why we don't do anymore new suggestion and that why we lost any interest to work on citywars.

Making advertising for your server these day cost so much… -_- Its impossible for us to get more newcomer. Consequence the community become smaller and smaller everyday. Its normal that people quit after a time. People get bored after a time but its not normal the price we have to paid to get newcomer.

There is a lot of people who just want to see server owner like us closing their door. They use ddos to force server to close us (In result we have to paid ddos protection that cost a lot) or in few previous case other server paid hacker to attack us to close our server… We do citywars for fun… I dont want to deal with competition… I am not here to take your part of the pie. We do this only because we love the community and enjoy minecraft.

In result of all this… We lost interest in Citywars/Minecraft sadly. That why the community is sad at us because we do not do any suggestion anymore. This is why the staff is mad at us because we do not inform them properly… This is why people quit because they found the server boring without new content, This is why we are less patient with player who cause trouble and this is why you see us less online…

Imagine even the developer of bukkit lost interest in their own project because mojang attitude. We are not paid to work on minecraft like mojang or bukkit. If we put time on citywars its becausewe love developing thing for the community. The last few month have being pain to work on citywars.

This is not the end… Like you maybe know we started to work on CitywarsLite.

But first what is CitywarsLite?

Citywars Lite like is name tell it its a small version of citywars. Freshly rebuilt and completely new. This was supposed to be a new server. A complete new restart for citywars. No more old code and no more lag from previous old version of mc. The concept of this new server was to give the ability to the community to build and update their own server.

In this citywars you had access to codding yourself citywars. With this new server the community is able to create new race by their own. Create new class, Anything you guys have to suggest is possible. We worked really hard to make a new language that give you guys the developement by your own.

This new project regive the flame to me and Link to work on Citywars. This project had so much potential. Even if me and link had to time to administer it you guys can code your own content and add it to citywars. This server will be constantly getting new content. Everyday you will connect somebody will maybe adding a new race. Imagine the posibility. If you guys want to fix something on the server somebody can do it quickly whitout having to wait for us.

What is happening with this awesome project ?
Currently CitywarsLite is a plugin build on bukkit. The wars between mojang and bukkit had forced everyone using bukkit to stop using it… Consequence CitywarsLite is on standby. Mojang look that he doesn't care about the problem. Mojang alway acted like they need nobody to survive but in fact without bukkit minecraft probably never become so big… Most of the minecraft community play on multiplayer server who run on bukkit.

I dont want to scare anybody. I just try to inform you guys about what is going on. I know how you want thing change and i know you want more. People get sick of citywars and i totally understand that. I dont want to make promise that i can’t respect like i did in the past because i don't wanted to upset the community. Like i said you guys deserve a lot more ! At the moment the best i can do is inform you on the website of the current condition. If there is new development i will keep you informed.

I will check with Linkupdated if we cannot release a small demo(incomplet) of citywars lite to give you the ability to test it and check if you enjoy the concept. Right now nothing is sure about the future of bukkit and nothing is sure about the future of Citywars Lite.


The CW Tribune
15th Edition

The CW Tribune
15th Edition

Artist Tribune Number Three!

Staff Update!

New Test Moderators! Congratulations to MrsCJ and Kakisto on their new ranks! Wish them luck!

/$ Top

Big changes to /$ top this week! magib1 has finally passed stroyclim after months of being just below him. wiyo911 has sprung onto the /$ top scene, taking the spot of the third richest player. Krigare17 has risen to fourth richest, and bluehawk1216 has dropped to the fifth richest, from his previous position as third richest.

Off to the Races Winners

Three weeks ago, bobcattennis released the entry information for his pig race track building competition. The final date for submissions has passed, and the winners have been decided!

First Place: WiShuGoOdNiGht
Second Place: Mikester58

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries and congratulations to all the winners!

City of the Week

This week’s city is Avignon. Owned by Slayer1674, this city follows a Victorian build style and already has lots of classes and chunks! Ask Slayer1674 to join!

Build of the Week

The Build of the Week this week is a replica of the Shard in London, built by numptydumpty9. The amount of stained glass used in this build is astonishing!


Happy birthday to our Titan Lord and Living God, DalordofAwesome1. He turned 17 on the 25th!

Another happy birthday to redblue3355, whose birthday is on the 29th.

That’s all for this tribune. See you next time.



The CW Tribune
14th Edition

The CW Tribune
14th Edition

Artist Tribune Number Dos!


Attack of the Slimes! A few days ago, the Slimeception Event began. Slimes have taken over Finity and are infecting the CityWars population! If an infected player kills another player, a slime will appear! These slimes can be killed for Slime Souls, special renamed slime balls. It is unknown exactly what the Slime Souls are for, but it has been proven that they are very valuable, and should be saved. Also, whenever an infected player talks in /me, their text will be blue! To become infected yourself, visit .

Staff Changes

PCH333, a great friend and helper to many of us, has resigned from his position as Super Moderator. This is upsetting news, yes, but it’s what he felt he needed to do. Good luck on your future endeavors, PCH.

CityWars Lite

Citywars Lite, the shortened code that makes it easy for everyone to contribute to the server, is looking quite good, so far! Recently, the syntax for all CW Lite functions has been posted on the wiki. This means that players can now start making their own plugins using the system! If you do plan to make a plugin (or even if you just have an idea for one), please fill out the CW Lite Plugin Request form at the link below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask magib1. Any plugins players write can be sent to him via skype at magib1cornell.

Link to Wiki Page:

Link to Plugin Request Form:

The Kitten Games

This past Saturday, bobcattennis hosted the first ever Kitten Games! The event consisted of two Labyrinths and three Bow Jousts. Everyone had a great time! Congrats to the winners of the games, and a big thanks to all who helped out with the running of the event!

Lots of $$$

It’s been two weeks since the last tribune, so be sure to post on the CityWars Minecraft Forum Thread and tell a staffmember to get 25,000$! Remember, you can only get money from posting once every two weeks.


City of the Week

This week’s city is Telmar. A reincarnation of the original Telmar from a few maps back, this Elven-oriented city is fairly active and looking for new citizens! Talk to staii7 to join!

Build of the Week

The Build of the Week this week is bobcattennis’s Lair. Built by bobcattennis himself, it contains a Bar and a Geothermal Powerplant.

”Everything a mancave needs! :)” -bobcattennis

Ask bobcat to check it out ingame!

That’s all for the 14th Edition of the CW Tribune! Until next time.




The Kitten Games events today resulted in a handful of winners, some for each of the events! Below are the people who won each event. May we give them a moment of silence...

If you participated in the Labyrinth event, if one of your team members survived, your entire team won.
In the first Labyrinth, mothaflocka and toon where both able to survive and kill their enemies, earning the Blue Team the win.

In the second Labyrinth, bmcs777 died early defending his team, but Brannon_XD and TBRANIK where able to survive, giving the win to the Red Team.

The next events where the Bow Jousts. To win, you needed to be the last player standing in the area. (If you fell, or died, you lost).

Mothaflocka was able to win two of the Bow Joust games, while bmcs777 was able to win one.

Congrats to the winners of all the events, all of which have been rewarded with some sexy prizes.

A big thank to everyone who participated in the Kitten Games, and a special thanks to slayer and creepdoom for donating supplies, building, and thinking of ideas for the event! Also, a big thanks to bobcattennis for thinking and running the event.

-The Citywars team


The Kitten Games Today!

The Kitten Games, is today at 7 pm EST.

The event will consist of two events;

The Labyrinth - A huge maze in which 8 teams will be exploring to try and eliminate each other, as well as find cool prizes hidden throughout the maze.

The Bow Joust - Try and shoot your opponents off the arena, or take a risk and run for the punch II bow in the middle of the arena.

Enjoy the event later today, and good luck to all!

-The Citywars team




Infected Slimes are currently attacking citywars! Be careful - they are highly contagious…

To join the event, create your own Slimeception Skin at

Read the current story line:

When using this skin, every time you kill somebody they will spawn little slime. When these slimes are killed they can drop rare items. All rare items will be exchangeable at the end of the event more money (and more)!

When using a Slimeception skin, your /me will be blue


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