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Current Version : 1.9

To register, it's simple go on in Minecraft, then do the command /register 'password'


Update 3/28/15[edit]

New update !

I present you pocket horse. I really love the horses but on citywars it's a pain to use them...

-People always kill them...

-Armor are rare to find.

-Saddle are even harder to find.

-And you have to name your horse to protect him versus unspawn.

That why now we have pocket horse ! Pocket horse is a new fun way to get your own horse. Quickly and anywhere you want it. Of course it's a new donation package but this week only until next friday (April 3). Pocket horse is free to use. It will help us to fix all the bugs and problems to make this new donation better and it's a nice way for us to lets you know what the Pocket horse can do.

You can use &a/promo to activate your Pocket horse. Be fast because the promotion will expire on April 3. If you buy one pocket horse on you don't have to worry about the April 3 promotion end, Your horse is permanent.

You can also custom your pocket horse at : pockethorse

You can change its name. You have 22 ability point you can spend on them. Example you can give it more speed by clicking on the food bar. If the background become red its because you don't have any more ability point to spend. If you want to get more you will have to reduce one of your ability.

Hunger food icon = Speed Armor icon = Horse armor Heart icon = Horse health Jump icon = Jump height

With the arrow in the bottom you can change its color and skin. The black heart is where you enable or disable the ability for other people to use your horse.

Save button: don't forget to save your horse when you are done.

To update the setting you have changed on the website, Unspawn it and respawn it in-game and everything will be updated. Enjoy your pocket horse and have fun. Keep in mind this new donation package is in beta test phase if you get any problem just lets us know and we will fix it.


Update 3/27/15[edit]


The new PVP update "Total Wars" has hit Citywars, creating more pvp action!

What is Total Wars?:

Killing a citizen that's in a city you're in a war with grants 10% of their money.

You may declare war on a city with /war declare <cityname>, lasting three days. If you declare a war on a city, you'll be able to steal money from them though when another city declares a war on you when you're already in a war, you won't be able to make money off that city that has declared war on you. Cities can only engage in one war.

For example: City A declares war on City B. City A would be able to make money off City B, but when City C declares war on City A, City A would not be able to make money off City C as they're currently in a war with City B.

Pressing "TAB", you can see that there are different variations in $ tiers. Each tier is 70% higher than the last tier. wiyo911 has made a list of tiers and how much each tier is. This can also found in the discussion forum.

$ is under $850

$ is under $1 445

$ is under $2 457

$ is under $4 176

$ is under $7 099

$ is under $12 069

$$ is under $20 517

$$ is under $34 879

$$ is under $59 294

$$ is under $100 800

$$ is under $171 359

$$ is under $291 311

$$$ is under $495 229

$$$ is under $841 889

$$$ is under $1 431 212

$$$ is under $2 433 060

$$$ is under $4 136 201

$$$ is over $4 136 201

Keep in mind that each kill is 10%, so you better hunt the higher tiers down!

To view the wars you are currently in, you can use the command /war list. To create a truce, use /war truce <ID>. Creating a truce costs $100,000. If you ever forget these commands, using /war will show all of Total Wars commands.

Total Wars has been added to Citywars to enhance PVP. This new system allows cities to gain profit from their citizens, as if you're in a war, it's safe for them to put money into your city bank, later to be used for city upgrades. Total Wars also allows for raids to happen on bigger cities, as they're most profitable. This allows smaller cities to have a small push for success.


News 3/26/15[edit]


The vote for Total War and Elemental has finally concluded! The winner of this poll goes to Total War, with an outstanding result of 36 votes. Elementals have reached a voting count of 17, giving a total of 53 votes in this voting poll.

wiyo911 has also made a pole on the discussion page, gaining a lot of attention. This poll is just him asking the community about preferences and in no way is this in talks of implemented... Yet? We can only hope!

Hawkland 2.0 has also been discussed through the discussions page on the forums. The owners are asking for suggestions, but follow strict guidelines as for what they are! So far, the community is liking the general idea that Darkirby3 has given and his visions on how Hawkland 2.0 would turn out.

Featured City[Featured City">edit]

A promotional video for the city Fury! If anyone makes a video of their own city, feel free to PM me the youtube link for me to post it!


Lore time! Any improvements and criticism is welcomed, along with any ideas for the races themselves!

Aliens, aliens you say. What defines an alien? A mystery, an unknown species or non-existent? Nobody knows, though one thing they do know is that they're not like us. Recently, there have been reports of alien-like spacecrafts lurking around here, but what for? A witness has told us that they murmured that they came here to loot our resources. More reports have also come that they've seen slimey, alien-like figures. All is still unknown, not even their intentions. Their bases are held underground, partially looting any minerals they come across. They're the unknown creatures lurking around from the galaxy. They're the ones we fear the most, as we still do not know their capability and powers.

This is all for this times news post. Any suggestions and comments are welcome, along with any criticism. Colour has been added too, so that's good. Also, a BIG surprise? Stay close and keep following, as it'll be revealed SOON!


News 3/23/15[edit]


A small update to PVP has been added and more races!:

Removed STRENGTH Potions

Nerfed Mechanic

Added Lich to the race list - Granting a PVP bonus when fighting on snow or ice.

Added Ghost to the race list - Other players permanently see you sneaking!

Added Guardian to the race list - Granting a PVP bonus when fighting near other Guardians.

Added Angel to the race list - Heal your allies with red dye.

The city unlock Bar has been nerfed, giving only 25 chunks.


Todays lore will be on the race Demon! Feel free to give suggestions on improvement, as this is a new section thats going to be covered often.

Raltukz, the demon from the nether, has been seen as the menace from the nether. Ruling the demon realm, Raltukz has suffered from so much pain and harassment that hes immune to all elemental fire damage. As the king of the demon realm, Raltukz has a fine, serene backstory. In fact, he was the complete opposite of what he is now. He was an angel, handsome and charming. The general of Heaven, he ought to bring peace and harmony to the land beneath. Raltukz, stunned the girls around him. Both charming and brave have captured their heart. On the way to the battle between Heaven and Oktuors, the city of the Orcs, he was misled by a tiny creatures whispering in a demonic voice. Raltukz knew that the demons come first, so he set out in a leap like a jaguar to hunt the demon down. After a long chase, Raltukz sprung back as the wild witch-like figure overshadowed him. “So youre Raltukz! Ha! I see, I see!” said the figure in a mendacious voice. Ive noticed your deep desire to rule the underworld! Join them, join them and be the ruler of the demons!. Raltukz shook his head continuously left and right. Although wishing for king, he would never have thought about joining the dark side. Raltukz shrieked, he felt as if he was soon to be killed by the mendacious witch. The witch shook her wand, back and forth. All of which demons come gather for thy future king! recited the witch. Raltukz, scared as ever, tried to flee from this sight; there was nowhere to run. Out the light goes, Raltukz sees pure darkness and heavy drips of lava. Tied up, Raltukz felt the burn on his wings, he painfully screamed. Tears ran down his eyes, tears of pain. Out of control, Raltukz soon forgets hes the general of Heaven. Instead, his mind has been overflowed with being the King of the demon realm. After a year of commanding the demons, the demons have risen up from beneath and have the mindset of taking over what was once theirs, Earth.

Sorry for any grammatical errors, speech bubbles and apostrophes do not work.

Featured City[edit]

2015-03-24 17.43.28.png

Templar has been remade, again! Now with a new owner, the city is approaching a different style of build. Instead of the tough, stone material, it's now approaching a more colourful and vibrant look. To visit this city in-game, as a leader of Templar!

If you a have city you think that's worthy of being showcased, message me online or on the forums with the IGN of Rylai.

This is today's news, with a little bit of enjoyment! Again, let me know if there's any room for improvement and such. I'd really appreciate it! Also, suggestions for new sections in the news is always wanted. Thanks!


News 3/21/2015[edit]


Hello, my ingame name is Rylai (or _Bluey) and I will be posting on the news section often. I took this job to focus on improving my vocabulary and English in general. If I have made a mistake or could’ve done something better, I would highly appreciate you messaging me about it! Harsh criticism is what I really want, so give it to me!


A few updates have come to Citywars:

A new race called Crawler has been added, granting the ability to crawl through iron blocks. The maximum limit for the crawl is 20 blocks.

An Emerald Block item frame command has been added, allowing players to create an item frame to give a desired command. This can be built with the same structure as an item shop, but with the replacement of an Emerald Block, a redstone torch in the item frame and the command on the sign.

The city log has been updated on the Citywars forums. In order for this to be used, you must be logged in first.

The Tab menu has been fixed, spicing things up with the old coloured names! This allows players to easily check someones rank on the server.

BVIPs have a new feature! Right clicking on a block with your bare hands allows you to pick up 64 blocks of it. However, this can only be used on spawnable blocks in the BVIP rank. Using the command /hand can disable this feature.

A new command has been implemented, allowing players to check which city has the highest money count! This can be accessed through /money citytop.


The declaration of war has been set between "OS" and Sentinel. OS includes of Templar, Noxus, Raeul and Iraq!

A voting poll has been opened up for two new ideas introduced by the server owners. You can view the post here ( and vote here (

A few old faces have come back to citywars! Whatever you've done in the past, don't look back as everyone is starting new and fresh!

New TMods[edit]

Congratulations to wiyo911, staii7 and Chaddy12! Well deserved; congratulate them if you see them online!

This is all for today's news. This one may be short, but following news reports will be longer! If you have any suggestions on content, please notify me as it'll help heaps! Thanks guys and have fun on Citywars. :)

Update 3/9/2015[edit]

Added Cyborg[edit]

Race Banner

Update 3/8/2015[edit]

Added Angel[edit]

Race Banner

If you try to respawn somewhere you do not have access it tp you back to ospawn[edit]

Update 3/7/2015[edit]

Added Necromorph[edit]

Race Banner

Fixed ninja jump abuse[edit]

Annoying Feather double click[edit]

Gold pickaxe right click on workbench fixed[edit]

Fixed lag about the chat[edit]

Update 3/6/2015[edit]

Added Drow[edit]

Race Banner

Fixed hopper protection[edit][edit]

This page is not anymore reserved to surrender user.

Update 3/5/2015[edit]

Added Mechanic[edit]

Race Banner

Forum reply from section bug is now fixed[edit]

Ospawn protection are now 100% working[edit]

Add hardened clay to Oshop[edit]

Chunkwars are now started message fixed[edit]

Feather cooldown and command cool down message fixed[edit]

Update 3/4/2015[edit]

Added Golem[edit]

Race Banner

Removed the json chat[edit]

Feather port bypass block like grass and crop[edit]

Hellground and eternal border are doubled in size[edit]

/createcity cost now 500k[edit]

Update 2/3/2015[edit]

Fixed a big part of the lag on citywars Almost 60%[edit]

Added Dwarf[edit]

Race Banner

Update 1/3/2015[edit]

Added Undead[edit]

Race Banner

Citywars Minecraft Abyss 2/28/2015[edit]

Hi everyone! Its have been a long time we did not take the time to work on citywars. Lets make everything clear.

If you still enjoy playing citywars and you like this server. We will do our best to alway keep this server open for everyone who love playing citywars. Keep in mind we cannot spend all our time on citywars like we did before. Its result in less update and less new content. Thats why the few last months there were no new content.

Don't feel abandoned by the situation. Me (Darkirby3) and Linkupdated just have more responsibility and can't spend the same amount of time on minecraft like we did. We made this new update for everyone who still enjoy this server. I still really enjoy this community even if in the past some people started to make me hate it. I just decided to cut off the bridge on skype because after a time you start to lose interest in everything when the only thing you see are complaints. I know there is a lot of people here who still enjoy the server but for every hater you need a lot of supporters. I maybe looked like someone who can handle hater but after a time you simply lose interest in your work when the only thing you get are hate. Thats one of the many reasons I progressively lost interest in citywars.

Maybe some people will not like this update… or maybe some of you will enjoy it. I am not the kind of person who hide myself about the truth. I know Citywars is in a bad situation. There is a lot of conflict in the minecraft community going now and there is a lot of uncertainty about this. Our future is uncertain, I don't want to promise you thing we can't. Yes this update is like a new start… but I can't promise it will fix 100% the situation. I really want to spend more time with you guys. but I can't promise I will.

If after all this message you still have hope in citywars. I can tell you this. Enjoy the present moment. You like us then play on citywars without thinking of the past or without thinking of our future. This update is a chance for you to get a fresh new idea of what citywars is right now.

Citywars will never be like how it was before. Citywars evolve and change and time to time people miss the “old good time”.

Special thank to magib1 who helped us and managed the staff to get some result. Without him this update would probably never see the day.

List of all update

Map reset[edit]

No items transfered Reborn perks and VIP is transferred In-game money, including Reborn money, is not transferred.

Reduced BVIP to 7.99$[edit]

BVIP spawnable items were changed BVIPs can now spawn items using /i # or /i name.

Reduced VIP to 2.99$[edit]

VIP spawnable items were changed VIPs can now spawn items using /i # or /i name.

Removed SVIP[edit]

All existing SVIP time will be converted to BVIP.

-Removed the New Era race system[edit]

The old race system has been implemented, with one advantage for each of 11 races.

Mob spawning returns[edit]

Peaceful and hostile mobs will now spawn in the overworld

Oshop item list changed[edit]

Oshop and Item shops sell fewer items

Warn system reworked[edit]

1st Offense: 10 minute ban 2nd Offense: 24 hour ban 3rd Offense: 7 day ban 4th Offense: 30 day ban 5th Offense+: 3 month ban

Spamming will now result in a mute instead of a warn.

Hoppers Added[edit]

All players may now place hoppers. Note that hoppers may NOT be placed next to any existing chest. If you want to connect a hopper to a chest, place the hopper before placing the chest.

Chunkwars Changes[edit]

Lapis Blocks are now used instead of Emerald Blocks. City may decline a chunkwar for any reason, but it costs $5,000 per chunk to decline a Chunkwar, and that money is given to the attacking city. The attacking city may not declare another war on that chunk for 24 hours after it is declined.


Setrace has a one hour cooldown. The following races are available:

Werewolf Demon Droid Vampire Elven Hydra Orc Hawkman Alien Neonbot Merman

Spawning location[edit]

Players will now spawn into the server at their logout location, instead of at ospawn.

Staff no longer required to be VIPs[edit]

Staff members may now keep their staff ranks and moderation commands without purchasing VIP.

Ban list reset[edit]

All players have been unbanned.


The /surrender command is now available for all cities to use.


Added /disband, which permanently destroys your city. Do NOT use this command unless you are prepared to destroy your city FOREVER.

Worldedit changes[edit]

World Edit may only be used within claim chunks. This is to prevent wilderness griefing with worldedit.

Bucket use[edit]

All players may now use buckets to pick up water in any non-protected area. Lava may only be picked up and placed within claimed chunks.

Eternal Forest spawn moved[edit]

The Eternal Forest building will now spawn at y=63 to allow easier access to the surface.

Free news[edit]

The main news page is now linked to the Citywars Wiki.

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