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CityWars Weekly
(MAY 23)

Sorry for the delay folks, with the recent staff changes it has taken longer than usual to get the news out. Once things get settled down we will return to our scheduled broadcast!

Major News

The new staff have been released! Citywars now hopes to have Staff on at each time of the day to increase the community's satisfaction.


[Carcer][Citizen] Chaddy12
17 points

Special Sale !

[Carcer][Hitman] Darkirby3
19 points

City Of The Week

The city of the week is Sentinel founded by CwBossMan. He came up with the city name from the time he was playing Call of Duty: Advance Warfare and heard the word pop up a few times. He then decided to bring it over to Citywars, In the spirit of the names origin they have made the city a military type. CwBossMan Would like to believe the city's building style is "Sewg", however that has yet to be seen. The plans for the city is to grow in size so that one day they can conquer all of Citywars. He would personally like to tell all of the community to "Come at me bruh" and state "We the best music" !

Build Of The Week

Build of the week goes to a few players this time for their combined efforts on the NewYork Park! Krigare17, Cyan_Fox, Caineen, and LoveLollipop all equally shared the work in the making of this project. The reason for the this build was to make the NewYork city in Citywars more like the real thing. Shout out to austinc3 for being sexy.

Player Of The Week

The player of the week is austinc3. He has been on the server for about 2 years now, and enjoys being creative with his building projects. austinc3 currently runs the city Arkham along with MatsCarlV and TehLuke. One of his fond memories on Citywars was actually being able to make money at magib1's (MrSquishy) casino! austinc3 Would like to personally thank everyone who recommended him for Player of the Week.


pkhajuria on the 22nd
TheEnderDiseases and ForbiddenJuices birthday on the 24th
PK0pposedWedding birthday on the 26th
Wish them all a happy birthday!

If you have a birthday soon, message TheEnderDiseases on the forums!


Citywars Weekly
(MAY 13)

Major News

Do to the recent problems with Neme bans carrying over to CItywars, as well as other various problems Darkirby3 has taken it upon himself to re do the Justice system. As with most things we do not know when this will be done but it will be SOON.

Also with the Justice system being redone, there will be some new staff being picked to help uphold the law.


#dark when you ask him a dumb question

[Sanctuary][ProMiner] Twiggles
38 points

Are you ready Asshole !!!

[Carcer][Hitman] Darkirby3
37 points

If you were wondering how we choose what is trending section of the news, it is quite simple. It must be from the past week and, for CWGAG, has to have at least 20 +1. We are also limiting it to 2 things a week for size reasons.

City Of The Week

The City of the Week is Noxus, founded by Shradox. The city's name was taken directly for the famous MOBA League of Legends. The cities type is Military, much like the real city is in LOL, although hopefully not as ruthless. There building style is based around mostly medieval with a touch of modern here and there. The cities future plans is to become a very large city with beautiful builds and a great citizen base, while being the most powerful military powerhouse the server has ever seen!!! No doubt there new alliance with Invictus and sentinel will help them achieve their goals. They would like to shout out to the city of Solitude, as well as jcoder "He helps the city out in ways that go often unnoticed. keep dreaming!".

Build Of The Week

The Build of the week goes to Twiggles for her Parliament building in Sanctuary. It took her a little less then 4 hours to complete the build. Twiggles made this because she needed to get out some of her building ideas and this was the first thing that popped out of her head. She stated that Night_rebon helped with the build, as well as awesomelias999 did the roof. Twiggles would personally like to say to the community that "i like potato (also building for money :P)".

Player Of The Week

The player of the week is MrSquishy, a known member of Citywars for his activity on the server. MrSquishy has slowly climbed up onto the owner rank through dedication and commitment. He enjoys making huge amounts of money then giving it away, just to have a larger room to make more money! MrSquishy is currently in Fury, ran by Darkirby3. His most memorable moment on Citywars dates back to when was still a greenie and owned Somnium. After building, he sold the city to a player who later built what he felt was a hideous scar and the magnificent vista that was his city. When he found out, he tricked Chaddy12 into world editing the building away, despite having no build permits within the city! MrSquishy would like to take this time to address something to the community of Citywars:

"Hopefully some of the criticism of the Neme merge has died down, but if not I would ask that players consider the full scope of benefits we get from this. One month of advertising is enough to partially resuscitate the server, but once that month is up our ability to attract new players goes with it. Partnering with Neme gives us the ability to continue benefitting from advertising that we otherwise would not be able to afford, and it allows us to develop additional game modes that we could not support on our own (e.g. return of Zombie)."


It is AwesomeAlex12395 birthday on the 16th. Wish them a happy birthday!

If you have a birthday soon, message Rylai, TheEnderDiseases or Kryptyc on the forums!


Citywars Weekly
(MAY 2)

Major News

A promotional video made by Cyan_Fox! Check it out for the city Invictus!

The first 3 purchases of the PocketHorse plugin have been made, to commemorate this TheEnderDiseases made a picture for the first 3 buyers.
Night_reborn is holding a building contest to help new and old players make a little bit of extra cash. he said that he plans to make this a weekly thing and to increase the grand prize with every week. This being the first contest the grand prize is 150K. He is looking for contestants and judge applicants, please follow the link to his forum post to help get the contest underway.


They fall of both Templar and Seattle have been given to Noxus! Two major cities are now gone, making Noxus even bigger. How many more cities will Noxus swallow?

Every time i try to help a noob XD

[Carcer][Hitman] Darkirby3
64 points

Darkirby3 is a great owner, but has difficulty helping new players!

City Of The Week

The City of the week is Bevelle, founded by wonderwaffel1428. He said that the city name comes from when he used to play Final Fantasy X. There was a city in the game named Bevelle, so he took a liking to it.wonderwaffel1428 plans to make his city type a monarchy. He plans to build his city so it feels like you are walking in the heavens. Also he wants to make it multi leveled with one big statue in the middle of it. His personal message is that "Bevelle is gonna be hot a#% ;) !! As soon as I start to get more $$$ and stuff."

Build Of The Week

The Build of the Week goes to Rylai, for his slot machines in Vierre! This was in the makings after Ospawns gambling machine bugged out. If you would like to gamble, message Rylai ingame! All chances are listed on the boards when playing. His personal message is that "I thank you Monster_Lt! I get you back too Sniper11 >:)!"

Player Of The Week

The Player of this week is LoveLollipop. She has been on the server for about 3 and a half years. She enjoys talking and being friendly to everyone, eating tons of carrots and making truck loads of money. She is currently in the city Invictus, lead by Kryptyc. Her most memorable memory of playing on the server was when Max decided to play god in the city Depth by world edited half of the city to nothingness. She would like to personal shout out to Cyan_Fox, "I love you even though you are a loser" Also austinc3 "you're really fuckin cool and i love you, have a great day"


Captain_Peanut1 is on the 5th, he will be turning 16!
M3T4MI55 is on the 6th, she will be turning 20!
Wishing them both a happy birthday; I hope you both receive tons of love from family!

If you have a birthday soon, message Rylai or TheEnderDiseases on the forums!


(APRIL 28)

If you see this image. Calm down your tits. You are not banned on citywars but from neme gaming. Also don't waste your time on the ban appeal. I don't know how these work or who administer them, but here a better solution...

They have a strict ban politic... i know...
But that is not our problem. Its their server and their right to be strict or not.
If you want to play on their server just play like a model player and if you want to be yourself there is always citywars available for you.

Their ban system do not apply on citywars. It maybe restrict you to connect on but you still can join citywars with This ip will bypass their hub and their ban system, you will still be able to play citywars.


Citywars News
(APRIL 24)

We are pleased to announce that tomorrow (April 25th), we will be merging with NemeGaming, a minigame server network. The merge is currently planned for 1pm EDT, though this is subject to change. We do not anticipate more than a few minutes of downtime during the merge.

Why are we merging?
We are merging to create a better experience for all players! This is a fantastic opportunity to expose more players to our server, while at the same time enabling our players to enjoy a variety of gamemodes. NemeGaming's larger playerbase will also give us the freedom to explore new gamemode opportunities in the future.

What will change on Citywars?
Very little. The only changes that you as a player will see are the ability to use /hub to access NemeGaming's other gamemodes, and the NemeGaming logo on our website.

Citywars gameplay, features, staffing, and donations will remain entirely under our control. You will still be able to directly connect to Citywars by using the IP, although you may also connect through NemeGaming's hub world, which will house a Citywars portal.

We look forward to working with NemeGaming and continuing to constantly improve Citywars!

- The CityWars Staff


(APRIL 23)

Chad wedding with Caineen

[Carcer][Hitman] Darkirby3
24 points


(APRIL 22)

Remember that our advertisement is still up until the 17th of May! Be sure to welcome all new faces to Citywars and help them out when needed. You can find the server advertisement at http:/
Notable updates include the fix of /lastseen, city citizen notifications and the Bazaar forum section, where you can post any items that are for listing or search around for something to buy!
If you havent caught it already, MrSquishy has been promoted to the Owner status! A round of applause!

City of the week

Outer city

Inside outpost

Outside outpost

CavaBeta, owned by brorion has been built with elegance and is definitely worth checking out! With the use of both wood and stone, it gives the city an atmospheric feel of home!

Build of the week

Centra by Chaddy12 has been widely adored by the server for the large-scaled build with sensational detail! Although much cannot be seen now, you must see it for yourself before you judge!

chad's big muscles

[Vierre][AdvHunter] Rylai
31 points

Dont judge him too, Im sure hes stronger than you. Look at those muscles! Magnificent.

Player of the week
bElement00 has earnt this weeks player of the week for self-promoting himself! As he is self-centred, it is POSSIBLE that Element00 is being left out on Citywars. If you guys could, give him all your love by sending him your whole bank! Itll definitely cheer him up! ! ! ! !

If youd like to be the player of the week, comment below on why you should receive the podium! You may also nominate others!

Happy Birthday to TheLlama, best of wishes on the 28th! If you have an upcoming birthday, message me (Rylai) on the forums!


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