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To register, it's simple go on in Minecraft, then do the command /register 'password'

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The alien can set up a warp on obsidian with the command /setwarp. Use /warp to tp back at your warp
Use a red dye to heal your ally
You can crawl into iron block pipes
Pvp bonus when fighting on iron blocks
Get no damage from fire or lava
You can cough up fire ball when you eat a gold nugget
Do more damage near a redstone torch
Get a jump boost when you eat a gold nugget
Gain a pvp bonus in the dark.
Gain a minning speed bonus when you mine diamond ore
Do more damage with a bow
Use an orange dye to give damage resistance on your ally
Get a invisibility potion when you eat a golden nugget
All natural damage does half damage
If you pvp near another guaridan get a pvp bonus.
No fall damage
Healing when you fight in water.
Pvp bonys when you fight on snow or ice
When you eat a iron block gain 2 more heart
Can beath underwater
Poison heal you
Eating redstone block give you speed boost
Do more damage with all kind of axe weapon
If you wait 10 sec before respawning you can respawn exactly where you die.
Blind your ennemy when you hit them with your hand.
% of chance to give Wither effect when you hit someone with your hand.
No starvation.
Heal yourself during pvp
% of chance to give poison when you hit someone with your hand.
Eating a gold nugget give you night vision.
Refund Policy
Terms Of Services