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The indie mmorpg


  • Fight together in the wild and complete dungeons.

Bash your way to victory! Our combat system is easy to use but hard to master for advanced users. Weapons can be enchanted with multiple skills. Each upgrade on your weapon implements new strategies to your combat style.


  • Explore a world filled with unique mechanics.

Our world is filled with a set of unique mechanics, Each biome has their own custom mechanics which can be interacted with. Platforms, gates, mini-games and gamemodes are an integral part of the world, waiting for you to explore it.


  • Gather resources. All the world is filled with treasures.

Every object in the world can be interacted with if you have the right tool. You craft those tools by borrowing or building your own crafting table in your city. Each crafting table has their own unique set of tools that can be upgraded.


  • Go on adventures and complete quests to level up your gear.

Classless system. Classes are defined by your equipment and not by your skill points. Which means you can change class anytime and anywhere you desire. Each weapon and armor have their own set of skill trees.


  • Build your own city and furnish your house with your friends.

To progress further in the game you will have to build your very own settlement. The bigger and the more advanced your settlement gets, the better weapons and equipment you can craft to progress. The game is a mix between survival city building and an RPG.

What else?

Join our community now and get involved in the development of the game.

The game has a unique editor that let our community improve the game at runtime. Which helps to deliver new content every month!

You can also apply to be staff and moderator in-game. Contact our admin at


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