Welcome to Citywars Savage

New website still under construction
Welcome to our freshly new website. If you want to participate to our development just register in the subscribe section.

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We started to create our own video game since 2018. We are currently working on finding funding and being able to work at full time on this project.

What is this new project?
How to describe Citywars Savage in a few words? This is a Multiplayer Community game coupled with interactive and social mini games. Where the community take part of the development of the game.

More seriously for those who are familiar with Citywars Minecraft we want to recreate a part of our plugin into its own game. Where the player is able to create and develop his own community. Build and develop his own city and much more.

The project is still at its beginning so if you expect to see a working and playable game pretty soon you might be disappointed since we plan to get a fully playable game in many years. If you are interested to slowly take part to the development of this project stay curious about our news and discussion we plan to open a public prototype in a few months so we can test with the community.

Our main goal for this project would be to build and create the tools to allow the community to express itself and help us to create the content in the game.

Thanks for staying with us after all those years and for the new folks, welcome to Citywars!