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Super Microtransaction Simulator

Super Microtransaction Simulator
We created this game in 3 days a few months ago so we can participate to a contest. It's not the biggest game of all time, but if you feel bored this game can be quite addictive.

Download Link

Most of people don't know it yet but we hid a multiplayer server inside it. This can be fun to challenge your friends in group to know which one is the best in real time. There is a cool feature hidden in the game if you are good enough. Also this little game is alot harder than it looks.

The game work like a flappy bird but vertical. The higher you get the best score you have. I still own the best score!

Let us know what you think about it and post your best score if you got a chance.
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Will the game teleport me into a block of glowstone and glass for me to break out of while the admins watch? p.s Sniper11 was the best admin
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Not sure we will have glowstone. Maybe we will replace the glowstone by bobstone in honor of bobhero XD. Here a little tribute for our friend Sniper.