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Quest maker

Quest maker

The quest maker will be able to create new npc in the game. Configure and program them. We use a visual programing system which is not pure programmation but require some logical and basic programing skill.

In theorie npc can do everything that player can do in the game. That the goal we want to reach for our game but there is still some bug and uncompleted system that make this process hard and difficult sometime since its still in a early stage of development. It's not a job for everyone but it really fun once you start to understand how to do it.

Your goal will be to work with the map designer to provide them npc completing their project. Like creating guards protecting on certain area of the map. Or designing npc with quest leading the player into a certain direction of the map. You will also test the npc system at its core, debugging problem and creating report on how to improve the system.

Your task

Testing the npc system
Creating new npc
Creating new story line for map designer
Creating and improving enemy behavior
Reporting any incident/bug/trouble/optimisation found


Create and edit your own npc
Access to your own npc manager
Viewing other npc blueprint


Access to blueprint documentation
A complete formation on the blueprint system
Access to other example for demonstration

I would like to help make event quests which involves EXP farming for players or weapon drops, I would like to have challenging quests to make for the players that have played a lot more and are getting far into the game with not much else to do. My username is maggot.

That sounds like our old Necromancer job !

Well the game is not advanced enough to be able to do such awesome stuff yet but yeah we will definitely check in that direction if we can get some people doing that job.

Like explained in the email, the game is still in its early alpha stage. Per example, Exp doesn't really work, yes you have some, but it does nothing at all XD Mobs are static things and can't be mass spawned at the moment.

+ you won't have anyone to do an arena since yes we spend most of our time developing the game but in the backend and not online and we keep the access of the game closed at the moment because many systems are still incomplete and can cause your client to crash.

But you can be sure we will check to add back the necromancer. For those who don't know Citywars Minecraft the job of the necromancer was to create mob arenas for its community. You could spawn and generate events with that power that allow the player to gain xp in a huge mob battle. These battles were administered by the necromancer.

Here's an old video of what it looked like :